ODS Assembly for the Provence and Manhattan indoor gas heaters

ODS for Portable Gas Heater Tech Specs



3 reviews for ODS for Portable Gas Heater

  1. Denis Cohen

    Excellent after sales service. Alan was extremely helpful guiding me to a video the company prepared showing how to install a replacement part. Terrific Customer Care.

  2. John Cooper

    Excellent customer service, I ordered a replacement part that was delivered but the package was damaged and a item missing, so I sent email with photos showing package damage and I had a reply very quickly with apologies (even though not there fault) and a replacement dispatched next day.

  3. Will

    Had a problem with a portable gas heater not staying alight. Spoke with Alan (twice). He was very patient and understanding (I am quite hard of hearing) and provided the answer to the problem. Great customer service!

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