Assembly Time

Requires 2 people. 30 assembly steps in total.

Drinks Holder

Convenient storage for beverages or BBQ sauces.

Cooking Area

Serves 8 – 10 people.

Extendable Warming Rack

Keep your food warm after cooking.

Sahara™ Grill Insert System

Revolutionise your barbecue cooking with the Sahara™ Grill Insert System. The grill insert range consists of the Searing Grill, Pizza Stone and Griddle Pan.

Hassle Free Assembly

Quick & Easy 3D assembly instructions. Assemble or install
with confidence - download the FREE app & search for SAHARA GAS BBQ to find this product. BILT is a revolutionary new way to assemble & install products with:
• Interactive 3D images
• Voice & text-guided directions
• Step-by-step instructions

Mix it Up – with Sahara Side Burner

Now you can add the exciting option of pot and pan cooking to your barbecue experience. Fry an egg, fry up some vegetables, boil water – the possibilities are endless! A practical extra feature to expand your cooking options.

Keep The Flavour Locked In

Keep the hood closed and keep an eye on your cooking using the large, panoramic viewing window and temperature gauge – for great results every time.

Sahara X-Series

Sahara X450 Gas Barbecue

Grill, roast and boil with this powerful 4 burner barbecue with integrated side burner.

  • Sahara™ Grill Insert System – Expand your cooking options!
  • Recessed side burner – For optional pot and pan cooking
  • Extendable warming rack – Keep food warm after cooking
  • 4 Stainless steel burners – With electronic ignition system
  • Porcelain enamelled hood – With cast aluminium end caps
  • Large viewing window and temperature gauge built into Hood – Easily keep an eye on your cooking at any stage
  • Rotisserie compatible
  • Large wheels and lockable castors – For easy movement
  • Drop down door panel for easy cylinder access

Sahara X450 4 Burner Gas BBQ Tech Specs






kW Rating

Gas Type

Cooking Grill Size

Warming Rack Size

32 reviews for Sahara X450 4 Burner Gas BBQ

  1. Vern Clark

    Bought a four burner 18 months ago. From the minute I opened the packaging I knew that I had bought a great product. Everything was packaged exceptionally well. When it came to putting everything together the quality of the engineering made everything fit together absolutely perfectly, no twisting or forcing parts together. All the nuts and bolts are of superior quality.
    The BBQ was left outside in a BBQ cover over winter (Scotland). Not a sign of rust or any sign of degradation. The BBQ has been used regularly. It BBQ’s well with pretty good distribution of heat. The windowed hood is awesome when doing a rotisserie although it needs to be cleaned regularly.
    All in all a totally excellent product which in comparison to products of similar price in the UK is significantly superior.

  2. Cameron Loggenberg

    The X450 is a beast of a BBQ. Assembly instructions are clear and they supply all the tools needed for set up.

    From ignition to cooking, this BBQ is a pure joy to use.

    The burners are the best I have used, and as a South African we Braai a lot. They distribute the heat evenly and the control knobs allow for perfect heat settings.

    The pizza stone is a brilliant addition to this BBQ.

  3. Gillian

    Recently purchased x450. Couldn’t be happier with it, quick delivery, easy to put together and cooks like a dream.
    Thank you

  4. Vern Clark

    From ordering to delivery to answering follow up questions Sahara have been superb. Build quality is unbelievable which is supported by how well everything assembled. It punches out great even heat. Price has to be mentioned – I suppose and it is totally great value for money.

  5. Colin Cormack

    Sahara X450 BBQ. Exceptional build quality, beautifully packaged and with instructions that are clear and simple. Importantly there is a real logic to the assembly process and it virtually builds itself.

    A fabulous appliance and something I’m proud to own and pleased to use. Looking forward to adding the rotisserie and the griddle pan when back in stock.

  6. Sarah J

    We got the X450 BBQ and are absolutely thrilled with it. It is such a fab BBQ. I love the see through window, the sturdiness of it and the little pot where all the fat drains into. This little pot makes it so easy to clean. The cover is a great addition and fits perfectly over the BBQ. I have already recommended this BBQ to family and friends. We are so happy with it.

  7. Rachel

    We are delighted with our new X450 BBQ and 2 new 15kw patio heaters and their covers. We are most impressed with the quality of the products including the covers which are robust and very well made. Good job guys! You are making great products that make us feel like we are in the south of France these evenings rather than the south of Ireland! Would highly recommend!!

  8. Sharon

    My bbq purchased in April was my best purchase this year by far. Love it. Its amazing so I would love everyone else out there to know.
    My mam has a Sahara bbq and patio heater about 15 years. Thats what inspired me to do a Google search and purchase my one.
    Im planning on xmas morning cooking turkey burgers ?? something different. My next purchase after that will be a heater?.

  9. francois orsatelli

    very nice product and a good warranty . I recommend sahara BBQS .

  10. Sudhamsha Reddy

    We bought X450 in the winter 2020! Very happy with the bbq and cooked so many nice meals on it. Luckily we have a pergola which means loads of cooking throughout the winter!

  11. Francis Walsh

    Best purchase I made last year. Just in time for lockdown. Very happy with it ! Very easy to use and clean.

  12. Roy Young

    Excellent BBQ .easy to use and great quality
    I bought the cover as an extra and very glad I did.
    I have left it outside all winter and it still looks good.

  13. Darran George

    I feel that I needed to review my Sahara BBQ as it has been outstanding from the day that I ordered it. Customer services has been second to none as well.
    ‘You get what you pay for’ is a far too often phrase used, but with this product, it is totally true. Quality piece of kit to be honest. Absolutely solid, delivered on a pallet, and very easy to put together.
    I have recommended Sahara BBQ ‘s to several people and all of them have been extremely happy with them, and will continue to do the same going forward.
    Again a big thanks to Sahara for everything.

  14. Wilksy

    Only part we had trouble with was the base. Diagrams weren’t initially clear and we had it up side down; so that screw hole orientation matched the side panels.

  15. Sylvia Evans

    Great BBQ at a great price! We couldn’t believe the price compared to a Webber BBQ. We were not familiar with the Sahara brand but there were so many positive reviews online that we decided to go for it! We are delighted with it and even bought a pizza stone insert. Highly recommend!

  16. PeterH

    Sarah’s please X450 4 Burner GS BbQ

  17. Mark Conway

    Great looking product. Assembly was easy due to instructions on the app. Unfortunately a lot of chips, scratches and dents on the various parts when we were unpacking but just got over it. Looking forward to using.

  18. John Lan

    I’ve got a fantastic 4 burner bbq and garden heater from Sahara and they’re absolutely brilliant. Superb quality and usability.

  19. Keith

    I’ve given this 5 stars as the bbq x450 has proved to be a great buy. I also bought the accessories (rotisserie, searing plate, pizza plate). I’ve tried all of these and they work well with the bbq. Took me a little while to get used to the pizza stone. (My first attempt ended up a little charred!). I cooked Sunday dinner on the rotisserie and everyone loved the flavour of the meat done this way. The bbq is easy to control and keep at any temperature to cook anything on it.
    This is my first gas bbq and I have found it very easy and quick to get started. No waiting for the coals to heat up and go white ,ready for cooking. I was sceptical about gas as I have always been a charcoal bbq kind of person. With this one I can find no difference in taste and it it is very easy to do zoned cooking. I rather like this one and would highly recommend one.
    If I have one criticism it would be the delivery. One person and a rather heavy item.

  20. Alan

    4 Star Review

  21. Kevin

    5 Star Reviews

  22. Nicola

    a piece was missing and the right side is loose

  23. Richie

    5 Star Review

  24. bob

    comprehensive outdoor grill with good range of accessories, my only gripe is an additional handle/grab point on the main body would be helpful when moving it

  25. John

    Excellent bbq

  26. Ben

    5 star Review

  27. Steve

    Very well build good looking bbq

  28. Anto

    5 Star Review

  29. Topher

    Fantastic product, well built

  30. Bubble

    4 Star Review

  31. Consumer

    I brought the Sahara x450 bbq in the sale at the end of summer 2021. This year I’ve done so many bbq’s I’ve lost count. Well worth the money we paid, I would also say it would give Weber a run for its money.

  32. Dobs

    4 Star Review

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