Cleaning Mini BBQ
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Cleaning Mini BBQ

Cleaning the Portable Mini BBQ

How to Clean the Portable Gas Grill

How to Clean the Portable Gas Grill

How to Clean the Portable Gas Grill


  1. Burn off any residue food from the grill and brush clean with a grill brush. Note: this should be done gently so that the surface of the grill is not scratched.
  2. If further cleaning of the cast iron grill is needed, remove it from the BBQ and wash it with warm soapy water. Do not use soaps with citrus.
  3. Remove the grease tray and with a soft spatula, scrape out any solidified grease. Wash the grease tray with hot soapy water.
  4. With both the cast iron grill and the grease tray removed:
  • Use a soft spatula to scrape away any grease or food remnants from the inner body of the BBQ.
  • Place the BBQ in a sink below a tap and run hot water with soap over the body, lightly cleaning with a cloth or non-abrasive pad (see picture below). Note: do not allow excessive amounts of water to fall on the burner.
  • Using a grill brush, lightly brush the burner to remove any food residue that may have fallen on it.