Extra wide wheels fitted for easy mobility

Heating Area

Large patio

High Quality Build

Durable oven baked powder coating

Extra Wide Reflector

Improved burner wind protection and efficiency

Keep It Focused!

A unique feature of the Sahara patio heater range. The revolutionary heat focus reflector directs all the heat exactly where you want it, by simply adjusting the heat focus handle.

Extra Heat!

Our double walled burner technology means more heat as a direct result of the extra burner insulation.

Be A Control Freak!

With variable heat control, you are always in charge. Adjust the settings to suit your particular needs – whether you have a large crowd or a party of two.

The Ultimate Outdoor Appliance!

The 15kW gas patio heater is the ultimate outdoor appliance and ensures you can remain outdoors even when the sun has gone down. With features such as heat focus direction, instant electric ignition, sleek design, and 15Kw of pure power, this patio heater is the top decision for planning your summer.

15kW Heat Focus – Patio Heater

Our highest output patio heater, the 15kW Heat Focus is fitted with a double skinned burner and a huge 980mm diameter reflector. It is available in a high grade stainless steel construction or a hammered finish bright white powder coating. Extra wide wheels make this patio heater easier to move and the flat top elbow height cylinder chamber acts as a convenient drinks table.

The Sahara 15kW heat focus patio heater is perfect for keeping you and your guests warm and comfortable during your outdoor entertaining evenings.

  • Adjustable heat focusing reflector, directs all the heat exactly where you want it
  • Extra wide and deep reflector for improved burner wind protection and efficiency. Diameter 980mm
  • Double skin burner for improved output and lifetime
  • Safety anti-tilt switch and flame failure device
  • Variable heat setting
  • Elbow height drinks table
  • Durable oven baked powder coating or high grade stainless steel
  • Extra wide wheels fitted for easy mobility

Tech Specs



Double Wall Burner



Reflector Diameter

kW Rating

Gas Type

6 reviews for Sahara 15kW Heat Focus Patio Heater

  1. Paul Dean

    Hello there, this is just a message to say thank you. I recently bought a patio heater from another supplier and for £380 and to say I was underwhelmed would be an errrrm understatement. So then I did as much research as I could which led me to your website and the sahara 15kW stainless steel patio heater. It arrived today and wow we absolutely love it, its soooo warm, the other one I could hug it after 2 hrs and I was still cold, this one I have to turn it down. Meanwhile I’m still in an argument with the first supplier about a patio heater that isn’t a patio heater, I’m gonna have some fun with them about that!! I’ve just ordered a cover from you for my new heater as I’m so chuffed with it. Keep up the good work im so impressed. Thanks again

  2. Philip

    An absolute fantastic place to deal with.

  3. Barry Archibald

    I ordered my first 15kw heater which arrived damaged. I contacted the company and Stewart sorted out a replacement straightaway. Excellent service and an excellent patio heater. Just need to wait on the cover becoming available to make it the complete package.

  4. Ian Farquharson

    Just received my 15kw Heat Focus Patio Heater. Building instruction were good and it took me about 3 hours. Didn’t rush. This is my 2nd Sahara heater.1st one I have had for 19 years. Just bit battered with getting blown over but still works. The communication was great and was delivered early. Not cheap but well worth the money. Looks great in my garden. Great heat comes off it. Good strong material used to make it. Can’t fault it from ordering to delivery. 5 star ++++. Looking forward to a lot of happy nights under it.

  5. Tracey Davis

    Absolutely fantastic patio heater it is a very strong heater doesn’t blow over even in strong winds and gives off great heat. Would highly recommend and have done so to everyone. Well-deserved 5 star rating would give it more if I could.

  6. Peter David Carbert

    We needed a new mess burner unit as the one we got with our new patio heater was damaged, so we contacted sahara by email and dealt with a person from the office who sorted out a new one for us, which arrived about a few months ago, it took its time due to the pandemic which was fine by ourselves, and would recommend Sahara to anyone for sales and after service.
    Yours sincerely
    Mr & Mrs Carbert.

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