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Customer Reviews

  • Paul, Ireland · 13th May 2021

    I'm delighted with my purchase of the X350 last summer and would heartily recommend the unit and the company. It is a modern and cool design and as my first BBQ has been straight forward to get creative with from the start. The Sahara range of accessories also allow me to use the BBQ for things I would never have considered previously.

  • Ronan Mac Fadden, Ireland · 28th May 2021

    Sahara 3 burner x350 BBQ
    Just bought & assembled the x350. Top marks to your design team!!! Quality product, bolts, components, by a mile the best self assembly unit I have worked with.
    Here's to a great Summer. 🌞 🌭😎

  • David Hardman, United Kingdom · 31st May 2021

    When a company gets things this right, it's only proper that you say so! The Sahara Oak 3 burner is fabulous to use and impressive too, it has a real presence and oozes quality! Great to put together (there isn't much to do, it's pretty much assembled as delivered, proper captive threads so no messing. Solid as a rock when assembled. Stainless steel (high grade and guage) everywhere that matters, including burners and anti-flare plates. Heavy cast Iron griddle plates. The burners are much better than most brands in that they spread heat wider, not just a 'hot line'. In fact the two grill burners are as wide and useable as four on any other I've had, certainly plenty for a large party. Nice high dome so lots of room. There is just nothing to match these for quality and price and I know, Ive had them all, but this just might be the last BBQ I ever buy.
    Two years on, still completely blown away by the quality. Easy to clean, we practically live off it through the summer. Could I improve it? Personally I never use the searing section, would prefer three griddle burners instead, but most people probably would. It's worth mentioning that a 19kg gas bottle will just fit under the side table neatly, cutting the cost of your gas by half! Just get the regulator changed. Oh, and I'd love a lava rock tray, but nobody seams to do them anymore either. So well done Sahara, and thanks.

  • Jason Mitchell, United Kingdom · 24th June 2021

    I’m rating the product 5 stars and the service 2 stars. The web site says delivery within 5 days and doesn’t mention anywhere they ship from Ireland. No tracking was sent and I called on day 9 and the lady was not helpful and said she’d call back once she spoke to the courier and I never heard from her again.
    All I wanted was a call to say it was delayed or some tracking which is standard these days.
    Rubbish service, great product.

  • Gowing, United Kingdom · 29th June 2021

    We have been extremely impressed with our 3 burner oak BBQ. It looks great, great quality, and very easy to build. Delivery was quick and it was packaged well.
    We love the interchangeable grill/pizza stone, the glass lid and the removable serving boards at the side are a great feature.
    Would definitely recommend.

  • Clifford Schwenker, Ireland · 1st July 2021

    I just purchased the 3 oak BBQ
    This BBQ is high quality and it was a pleasure to put together
    The instructions were easy to follow and all the parts were labeled. The bolts and parts were in. Plastic container which were also labeled
    In all my 65 years this was the best thought out and easiest instructions to follow

    I am very happy
    I got the best BBQ for the money. I saw BBQ s more than twice this price and I think why would anyone throw their money away on a different model.

    Awesome guys. Keep up the high quality I am sure to recommend this to all my friends

  • Daren Henley, United Kingdom · 31st July 2021

    X475 BBQ
    I left review regarding fantastic customer service, now it's time to review the BBQ,...
    I've never spent so much on a bbq before, I wish I had done it years ago!!!
    It's amazing and such good value for the money
    We had family over that all have more expense BBQ and all agreed mine was of better quality,
    So all in all very pleased 👍😁

  • Craig Gardner, United Kingdom · 25th August 2021

    Ordered the oak 3 burner direct from Sahara, easy to use the website, good communication and quick delivery, the BBQ was easy to build with good instructions, you need 2 people when building, once built the unit is sturdy with parts well made. cooks food as it should for a BBQ, also I purchased the pizza stone and have made and cooked from scratch with good results for the very first time, would I recommend this product, yes I would. I was a bit skeptical at first with lack of online reviews and had to do some looking for them (all positive apart from delivery issues which is out of their control), on delivery it comes in a big box and is a 2 person lift. also it has on website no tracking info is supplied. this is due to type of courier used as it is classed as a pallet delivery due to size, most pallet delivery's don't have tracking info.

  • Alan Heneghan, Ireland · 23rd July 2021

    Bought the Sahara 3 Burner Oak BBQ. Excellent product and high quality. Had a query and contacted Sahara's customer service team and they were extremely friendly and helpful. Couldn't recommend highly enough enough
  • Fausto Hilario, Spain · 15th December 2020

    Just purchased the Manhattan Portable Gas Heater and I am delighted. I compared other portable gas heaters that are less expensive but the quality, operation and "fireplace fire effect" of the Manhattan is unchallenged, in my opinion, by any other product. This is a heater that will last many years and well worth the price.

  • Michael Smith, United Kingdom · 21st October 2020

    Absolutely fantastic Good solid heavyweight Fire Would highly recommend to anybody good company to buy from
  • Barry Archibald, United Kingdom · 13th July 2020

    I ordered my first 15kw heater which arrived damaged. I contacted the company and Stewart sorted out a replacement straightaway. Excellent service and an excellent patio heater. Just need to wait on the cover becoming available to make it the complete package.
  • Sharon, Ireland · 30th June 2020

    My bbq purchased in April was my best purchase this year by far. Love it. Its amazing so I would love everyone else out there to know. My mam has a Sahara bbq and patio heater about 15 years. Thats what inspired me to do a Google search and purchase my one. Im planning on xmas morning cooking turkey burgers 🤣😂 something different. My next purchase after that will be a heater🙈.
  • Philip, Ireland · 18th June 2020

    An absolute fantastic place to deal with.
  • Gillian, Ireland · 4th June 2020

    I bought the Oak 3 burner, great customer service and it arrived quickly. Was easy to assemble and is very sturdy and looks great. Am delighted with it, very easy to turn it on and easy to clean. I would highly recommend this bbq and the service at Sahara.
  • Rebecca, United Kingdom · 29th May 2020

    Wonderful quality patio heater, quick delivery and outstanding customer service. So glad we ordered from Sahara.
  • Jane Palmer, United Kingdom · 1st June 2020

    We purchased a Memphis barbecue direct from yourselves. It arrived very promptly, the only issue being it arrived without warning late in the afternoon. On removing all the packing, we noted the box was damaged and you could see the barbecue. Fortunately it was not damaged. On taking out of the packing, one of the feet fell off and one of the others was loose. Building the barbecue was simple and quickly done. Using it was wonderful and the ability to clean after use so easy took me minutes compared to our old one which could take me an hour. A lovely barbecue and would very happily recommend your barbecues and service to anyone.
  • Rachel, Ireland · 28th May 2020

    We are delighted with our new X450 BBQ and 2 new 15kw patio heaters and their covers. We are most impressed with the quality of the products including the covers which are robust and very well made. Good job guys! You are making great products that make us feel like we are in the south of France these evenings rather than the south of Ireland! Would highly recommend!!
  • Sarah J., Ireland · 26th May 2020

    We got the X450 BBQ and are absolutely thrilled with it. It is such a fab BBQ. I love the see through window, the sturdiness of it and the little pot where all the fat drains into. This little pot makes it so easy to clean. The cover is a great addition and fits perfectly over the BBQ. I have already recommended this BBQ to family and friends. We are so happy with it.
  • Michael Lord-Castle, United Kingdom · 25th May 2020

    I wanted to say this is hard to explain whereas it is not - the BBQ has been well thought out, the design team and management have looked at prior faults, rectified them and turned them to an advantage. This is without doubt the best BBQ I have purchased. To help you better understand ...........I have purchased over 780 BBQs for myself, family and customers.
  • Don Lalor, Ireland · 25th May 2020

    Thrilled with my new purchase of a Sahara 3 Burner Oak BBQ. I wanted a Weber, before I discovered the Sahara, previous BBQ lasted 16 years, so happy with my purchase, Excellent Quality. I found the Sahara to be a much better build quality than the Weber. Delighted with my purchase.
  • Colin Cormack, United Kingdom · 25th May 2020

    Sahara X450 BBQ. Exceptional build quality, beautifully packaged and with instructions that are clear and simple. Importantly there is a real logic to the assembly process and it virtually builds itself. A fabulous appliance and something I’m proud to own and pleased to use. Looking forward to adding the rotisserie and the griddle pan when back in stock.
  • John Gethin, Ireland · 19th May 2020

    Got the X475 last week, what a bbq!! It’s a wonderful addition to our garden and dinners.
  • Paul Dean, UK · 15th May 2020

    Hello there, this is just a message to say thank you. I recently bought a patio heater from another supplier and for £380 and to say I was underwhelmed would be an errrrm understatement. So then I did as much research as I could which led me to your website and the sahara 15kW stainless steel patio heater. It arrived today and wow we absolutely love it, its soooo warm, the other one I could hug it after 2 hrs and I was still cold, this one I have to turn it down. Meanwhile I'm still in an argument with the first supplier about a patio heater that isn't a patio heater, I'm gonna have some fun with them about that!! I've just ordered a cover from you for my new heater as I'm so chuffed with it. Keep up the good work im so impressed. Thanks again
  • Oliver Kennelly, Ireland · 15th May 2020

    Purchased the 3 Burner Oak BBQ on a Tuesday. It was delivered on the following Tuesday.
    Unfortunately the bbq got damaged somehow.
    Contacted Sahara & spoke to Paula. Problem was resolved within two days. Everybody happy.
    Excellent service & great staff to deal with.
    Would really recommend Sahara.

  • Gavin Dacam, United Kingdom · 14th May 2020

    Bought the X475 for a few weeks now, and as a professional chef who occasionally needs an instant grill option I find this unit absolutely superb in aspects. Can't recommend highly enough.
  • Ken Smith, UK · 13th May 2020

    Received my Sahara 3 Burner Oak BBQ yesterday and have to say how very pleased I am with your service, your help, and most importantly the quality of the BBQ! Fantastic. I will be recommending to my friends and family. Next step, your festival portable BBQ!!!
  • Michele McMahon, Ireland · 13th May 2020

    I recently bought the sahara X475 and my daughter bought the 3 Burner Oak and we are both very happy with them and the service provided. I can honestly say it's the best BBQ I have ever used. Easy to assemble and easy to use - the quality is exceptional. Even cooking through whole grill area. Would highly recommend.
  • Ian bird, United Kingdom · 9th May 2020

    Took ages to go through different sites, finally settled on the 3 oak burner - top quality product. Cooking is excellent - kids hounded us for spending their inheritance on this. They wanted us to get a £110 bbq. This is a value for money as I said to them they can fight over it when I’m gone. Product and service is simply the best.
  • Jim - Onlyslaggin, Ireland · 12th May 2020

    I recently purchased 2 Sahara Patio heaters for my BBQ classes. When they arrived I was struck by the high quality of them. They are not the patio heaters of old that I had remembered. All fitting and tools required were included which was nice. The heaters have been very efficient and provided a great amount of heat that can be directed. In addition they are stylish and easy to use and move around with minimal effort.
  • Vern Clark, United Kingdom · 6th May 2020

    From ordering to delivery to answering follow up questions Sahara have been superb. Build quality is unbelievable which is supported by how well everything assembled. It punches out great even heat. Price has to be mentioned - I suppose and it is totally great value for money.
  • Mike West, United Kingdom · 5th May 2020

    I searched the internet for days to find the BBQ that I was after. I went for the X475 and it’s perfect. Great size, viewing window is great, the clay plate for pizzas is amazing too! On top of that the customer service and after sales is amazing.
  • Jason borrowdale, United Kingdom · 3rd May 2020

    Just received the 3 burner oak yesterday, banged it together last night. Took about an hour, nice quality build, not used it yet but looks the dogs! Would def recommend. 👍

  • Abi Sidebottom, United Kingdom · 3rd May 2020

    Absolutely LOVE our new 3 Burner Oak BBQ! A fab, solid quality BBQ. Really easy to build. The stone pizza insert is an amazing addition and cooks pizzas to perfection. Cannot wait to have the family round and show off 😉 !! Thankyou Sahara for great service, fast delivery and a stunning BBQ!

  • John Macintyre, United Kingdom · 1st May 2020

    Just bought an X475. It’s fab! It was so easy to put together with simple step by step instructions - I’m quite handy but even a complete non diy person could follow the well laid out instructions. The packaging was excellent too - protecting all pieces perfectly. I’m loving the added trolley and having the space to barbecue properly without having to juggle lots of things. I’m spending more time on the food and the banter now without having to rush back to the kitchen. The chopping board was cracked - I believe it was caused by the wood drying out - I sent for a replacement and it was delivered without any hassle - great service. Thanks Sahara. I would highly recommend this product and company.
  • Desmond Frawley, Ireland · 1st May 2020

    Absolutely brilliant, from ordering to delivery to the actual product. Cannot recommend this enough, Stewart was excellent to deal with. Will be buying again from Sahara
  • David Lennon, Ireland · 30th April 2020

    From start to finish the experience with Sahara has been nothing but 5 stars. The quality of the barbecue is second to none and it was extremely easy to put together. I would highly recommend a Sahara BBQ to anyone. Their customer service is also outstanding - we couldn't be happier!
  • Darren Barratt, United Kingdom · 29th April 2020

    I ordered the 13kw heat focus patio heater and it arrived within 5 days as promised. I chose Sahara over other manufacturers as a friend of mine had owned a Sahara patio heater for many years and it was excellent. Customer service I received was also great. I can highly recommend 5 STAR product and service.
  • H Steenhagen, Netherlands · 27th April 2020

    Bought our first Sahara BBQ just yesterday! Nice design and quality materials used! VERY EASY ASSEMBLY / SET UP! Perfect product...
  • Marianne, Ireland · 27th April 2020

    Purchased 3 burner oak BBQ, arrived within the week, easy to assemble and use, great quality, sturdy 10/10
  • Jacqueline, Ireland · 26th April 2020

    Ordered on Tuesday arrived on Friday very easy to assemble very sturdy and looks fabulous

  • Owen Larkin, Ireland · 26th April 2020

    Ordered it on Thursday, arrived Friday even with all the current restrictions. Easy to assemble and what can I say. The BBQ itself is absolutely amazing. You will not get better value for money for such an amazing BBQ. Could not recommend more

  • Gillian, Ireland · 26th April 2020

    Recently purchased x450. Couldn’t be happier with it, quick delivery, easy to put together and cooks like a dream.
    Thank you

  • Shane, United Kingdom · 24th April 2020

    Purchased the 3 Burner Oak BBQ and assembled it by myself with ease. A well made product and cooks really well, looking forward to cooking the pizza’s on the stone with the family. Always used outback bbq and already glad I’ve made the switch. Fantastic customer service from Connor Campion who dealt with my purchase and also Paula who dealt with a slight issue so promptly. Highly recommend this company and product 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  • Cameron Loggenberg, United Kingdom · 24th April 2020

    The X450 is a beast of a BBQ. Assembly instructions are clear and they supply all the tools needed for set up. From ignition to cooking, this BBQ is a pure joy to use. The burners are the best I have used, and as a South African we Braai a lot. They distribute the heat evenly and the control knobs allow for perfect heat settings. The pizza stone is a brilliant addition to this BBQ.
  • Joe Curran, Ireland · 23rd April 2020

    This is a great BBQ. Well made really sturdy. I did plenty of research re Weber and Broil King and have to say the quality and performance of the Sahara is spot on. Very happy with the purchase prompt delivery and great service. Highly recommend.
  • Ann Ford · 20th April 2020

    Lovely barbecue, well-made and solid. Good customer service and delivery on time. 10/10.
  • Jane Williams · 20th April 2020

    We ordered our new BBQ Tuesday morning. It's just arrived 8.30am Thursday. I'm blown away by your efficiency. Thank you so very much, it really is appreciated.
  • Craig Clutton · 20th April 2020

    Fantastic service, highly recommend!! Bbq easy to assemble with fantastic results 🤩
  • Elaine Dey · 17th April 2020

    5 star review from start to finish!
    Pre purchase research -As I was regarding this as a 1 time only purchase I needed my choice to be right. When seeing this product with the tilt facility I quickly realised this was a unique design with top class form and function which was backed up by many extremely positive customer reviews. The video demonstration was a bonus as it gave a great indication of size and finish. Customer service - faultless ! I had numerous occasions to contact Paula who responded each time promptly, knowledgably and always with a professional but friendly manner. My questions related to difference between X13 and 13kW models. Purchase and delivery - straight forward online order and prompt delivery within the timescale stated. No tracked delivery facility but this was not an issue for me. Assembly - Husband reports that this was very well constructed and easy to assemble. Good , clear instruction. Tools supplied are more than adequate so no need to use your own. Function - easy to use and good safety features i.e auto cut off. Gives excellent heat even at lowest setting. Cover - good quality and fit 1 piece cover . All round 5 star company to deal with and product to receive and use. Have already recommended to a friend! Thank you.

  • David Hardman · 14th April 2020

    Hi, I wanted to leave a glowing review of the 3 burner oak bbq (and the service) I recently purchased direct from you! It's not something I do often but the product itself and the service I received are nothing short of outstanding so I wanted to repay the favour.

  • Emily Joy Marschall From “Lo & Slo” · 14th April 2020

    My Sahara x475 has transformed the way I grill! I use live fire smokers 12-18 hours a day for my work, so when I come home, I love how easy it is to quickly grill a delicious meal! The x475 is super versatile: I love the interchangeable plates to sear, make pizza, or barbecue a chicken or turkey. I grew up grilling all year round. We were always having to create ways to grill our thanksgiving turkey evenly. Now, with the roaster plate, it’s so simple to grill a whole bird to perfection. The x475 has a glass window at the front, so I can always keep an eye on my food while it’s grilling. The temperature gauge is super accurate and allows me to to create multi-zone cooking areas. This grill can handle brisket, flank, ribs, and other hearty meats as well as tender vegetables and flaky fish... and everything in between! The x475 is my one-stop-shop for barbecue!
  • Ciara Fennessy, Ciara’s Kitchen, Delgany, Co Wicklow · 10th April 2020

    As a chef and cookery school owner I have cooked on many different BBQs during my career. I am now the proud owner of Sahara’s X475 BBQ and I love it. I can honestly say that it’s the best BBQ that I have used. Plus it is from an Irish company so I am delighted to be supporting them.

    There are so many things that I like about it. Most of all is the space available meaning that I can cook for many people at once either for my cooking demos or for entertaining. The 4 burners give great control and allow me to cook on an indirect heat or I can light one burner and barbeque for myself and my husband.

    I also love the side prep table, how easy it is to clean the BBQ and the viewing panel so I don’t have to keep opening and closing it to see what’s going on!

    The BBQ and all of the many accessories are fantastic value for money and I look forward to many years ahead as a happy Sahara customer.

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