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Product Maintenance

BBQ Maintenance and Patio Heater Maintainence

BBQ Maintenance and Patio Heater Maintainence

BBQ Maintenance

In order to get the most from your barbecue and to optimise performance and lifespan, we strongly suggest the following steps:

  • Try to keep your barbecue on a level surface. This will prevent oil from gathering in one corner, particularly on the searing plate.
  • Pre-heat your barbecue for 5-10 minutes with the hood down before cooking
  • It is best to oil the meat instead of the grill plates.
  • When cooking, try to keep the hood down. A barbecue with a built-in viewing window will make this easier and help to create that original barbecue flavour.
  • After cooking, close the hood and turn all burners to the high setting for 10 minutes. This will help to clean the vaporiser bars and grill plates. You can then bring your grill plates inside and clean them more thoroughly if required.
  • Never use metal barbecue tools as this will damage the porcelain.
  • After every 3-4 barbecues, remove the vapour bars and burners and thoroughly clean them.
  • If your barbecue has a window, you can very easily clean it with a slightly abrasive nylon pad. Do not use a Brillo pad.
  • Be sure to put a layer of sand in your grease tray. This will prevent flare ups and grease dripping on to your patio/deck
  • Always keep your barbecue covered when not in use.

Seasoning your Gas BBQ

If you are unsure how to prepare the cast-iron grill grates on your new purchase or you want to restore your BBQ after the long winter, We have a guide here.


Patio Heater Maintainence

  • Always protect your patio heater with a Sahara Patio Heater Cover between use.
  • Ensure the patio heater has fully cooled before putting the cover on.
  • Regularly clean your patio heater between uses and especially after extended periods of storage.
  • Ensure the heater control is turned fully to the off position, the gas supply is shut off at the regulator or bottle / cylinder valve, and the heater and its components are sufficiently cool before cleaning.
  • Never douse the heater with water when its surfaces are hot.
  • Remove the burner mesh by unscrewing the 3 bolts along the lower edge.
  • Clean the burner mesh by brushing lightly with a wire brush.
  • Using a non-wire brush clean away any debris, cobwebs, foreign particles, etc from the burner.
  • If available use compressed air to blow through the portholes on the burner.
  • Clear down the patio heater body with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly.
  • We recommend that servicing of this appliance should be performed either after every 100 hours of use or annually, which ever is achieved soonest.
  • Never use flammable liquids or cleaning agents.

If your heater needs maintenance or is not working properly, please contact your local authorized agent for service. It is a necessity to contact an authorized source for replacement of parts and/or servicing. This work must be carried out by a qualified gas technician. Spare parts may be obtained by contacting our spare parts department by email: