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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you are having difficulty sourcing propane:

    Contact your local gas dealer or contact us:

    UK (0208) 133 7147
    Ireland (01) 287 3797
    USA 678-534-2876


  • Where can I purchase patio heater gas (propane)

    Propane may usually be obtained from the store where you purchased your patio heater.

  • How frequently should my patio heater be serviced?

    We recommend that our patio heaters should be serviced by a qualified technician after every 100 hours of use.

  • Should I remove the blue plastic film on the patio heater parasol?

    Yes, the blue plastic film is scour protective packaging. If you have difficulty removing it, try soaking it warm water.

  • Can I use butane gas instead of propane?

    No. You must use Propane. Propane is the only gas used with our patio heater products.

  • Should I remove the white hard material inside the burner?

    No, this material is often mistaken for packaging but is in fact insulation.

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Patio Heater Troubleshooting

If the defect you are looking for is not described here please contact our helpline for further assistance.

Problem Possible Cause Remedy
Patio heater will not light
  • Faulty ignition sparker
  • There is a kink in the gas hose
If possible remove the kink. If the hose is damaged Click Here to contact us for a replacement hose.
Heater goes out after the control knob is released.
  • Thermocouple is misaligned
  • Thermocouple is faulty

Click Here to view the procedure for realigning the thermocouple.

Click Here to contact us for a replacement thermocouple. If you wish to receive instructions for fitting a new thermocouple, please email

Patio heater works for a short time and then goes out.

If the heater goes out after 5mins to 15mins use, it is possibly due to the thermocouple being misaligned

If the heater goes out after 30mins to 2 hours use it is possibly due to the incorrect gas being used

Click Here to view the procedure for aligning the thermocouple.

Check that the gas being used is propane. If you are not using the supplied regulator, check that the pressure setting on the regulator you are using is correct (37mb in UK, Eire & France) (30mb in Spain) (50mb in Germany & Sweeden)
(11″per W.C in USA) For information about propane gas and propane stockists Click Here.

Regulator does not fit onto gas cylinder. You may not be using the correct gas. Check that the gas is propane. In Ireland, propane usually comes in a grey cylinder. In the UK, propane is usually sold in a green cylinder. Propane gas can usually be purchased from the retailer of your patio heater.
The regulator does not fit onto the gas cylinder and the gas that I am using definitely is propane. The propane cylinder that is being used is not designed to accept the generic regulator used with the Universal Innovations patio heater. Check with your gas stockist for a suitable regulator with the correct pressure setting. OR Click Here to find recommended gas stockists near your location
Patio heater lantern is creating smoke. New patio heaters often create a small amount of smoke in their first few hours of use as they burn off residue machine oil and coolant which is used in the manufacturing processs. Let the oil burn off at a high heat setting. If the heater is still creating a lot of smoke after 30 mins, Click Here to contact us.

Patio Heaters Maintenance & Service

  • Always protect your patio heater with a Sahara Patio Heater Cover between use.
  • Ensure the patio heater has fully cooled before putting the cover on.
  • Regularly clean your patio heater between uses and especially after extended periods of storage.
  • Ensure the heater control is turned fully to the off position, the gas supply is shut off at the regulator or bottle / cylinder valve, and the heater and its components are sufficiently cool before cleaning.
  • Never douse the heater with water when its surfaces are hot.
  • Remove the burner mesh by unscrewing the 3 bolts along the lower edge.
  • Clean the burner mesh by brushing lightly with a wire brush.
  • Using a non-wire brush clean away any debris, cobwebs, foreign particles, etc from the burner.
  • If available use compressed air to blow through the portholes on the burner.
  • Clear down the patio heater body with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly.
  • We recommend that servicing of this appliance should be performed either after every 100 hours of use or annually, which ever is achieved soonest.
  • Never use flammable liquids or cleaning agents.

If your heater needs maintenance or is not working properly, please contact your local authorized agent for service. It is a necessity to contact an authorized source for replacement of parts and/or servicing. This work must be carried out by a qualified gas technician. Spare parts may be obtained by contacting our spare parts department by email:

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Ireland (01) 287 3797
USA 678-534-2876