Sahara Gas Barbecues at Squire's West Horsley & Surrey
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Summer starts at Squire’s Garden Centre  fire up a brand new Sahara BBQ today

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West Horsley
Long Ditton
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Sahara BBQs Horsley Squire’s Garden Centre

The perfect summer weekend in Horsley would include time out at RHS Garden Wisley or Stoke Park and perhaps some biking in the Surrey Hills followed by a relaxed, low-maintenance, long BBQ lunch at home. We’ve got a choice of premium Sahara BBQs to help make that happen.

Squire’s Garden Centre West Horsley

Epsom Rd, West Horsley,


KT24 6AR,

United Kingdom

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Sahara BBQs Cobham Squire’s Garden Centre

Finish a family day out at Cobham’s Painshill Landscape Garden with an effortless, fast BBQ dinner at home. Choose from a selection of premium Sahara BBQs to cook for a crowd or cater to smaller numbers.

Squire’s Garden Centre Cobham

Stoke Road,



SKT11 3PU,

United Kingdom

Location Map Pin

Sahara BBQs Woking Squire’s Garden Centre

Whether you’ve got an active Woking weekend planned at RHS Garden Wisley or a quiet time wandering the latest exhibitions at The Lightbox, finish things off with an easy, casual BBQ at home. We’ve got the perfect choice of premium Sahara BBQs to make outdoor dining a pleasure for all.

Squire’s Garden Centre Woking

Littlewick Road,

Horsell, Woking


GU21 4XR,

United Kingdom

Location Map Pin

Sahara BBQs Long Ditton Squire’s Garden Centre

Whether you’re taking the kids for a cultural trip to Hampton Court Palace or some time in the great outdoors at the National Trust in Surrey, add the icing on the cake to your summer weekend with a family BBQ at home. We’ve got the perfect gas BBQs to feed an active Long Ditton family!

Squire’s Garden Centre Long Ditton

Woodstock Lane North,

Long Ditton,



United Kingdom

Location Map Pin

Sahara BBQs Chertsey Squire’s Garden Centre

Have you got plans to run the kids ragged around Thorpe Park Resort this weekend? They’ll have an appetite once they’ve burned off all that energy. Make things easy for everyone, and enjoy a family BBQ outside. We’ve got the ultimate Sahara gas BBQ to fire up a feast for all. Word of warning – the Cherstey neighbourhood might smell those delicious aromas and come knocking!

Squire’s Garden Centre Chertsey

Holloway Hill,



KT16 0AE,

United Kingdom

Location Map Pin

Sahara BBQs Hersham Squire’s Garden Centre

Are you planning to entertain the kids and have them burn off plenty of steam with a day out adventuring golfing? Or are they monkeying around at Skywalk Adventure? Whatever your plans, they’ll eventually be famished. Make things easy for all, and opt for a relaxed BBQ outside. We’ve got the perfect Sahara gas barbecue for cooking up a storm the whole family will love. Just be prepared for some Hershey neighbours who might smell all that sizzling goodness – they may well come knocking!

Squire’s Garden Centre Hersham

Burwood Road,



KT12 4AR,

United Kingdom

Location Map
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Create the Ultimate Outdoor BBQ Dining Experience

Now you’ve found the barbecue of your dreams, here are some BBQ recipes to fire up the taste buds. From deliciously nutritious to indulgent and moreish, these mouth-watering BBQ cooking ideas will win fans instantly. And the cleaning up is low-maintenance, too!

Great BBQ Recipes
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row2 image1 recipe row2 image2 recipe row2 image3 recipe
row3 image1 recipe row3 image2 recipe row3 image3 recipe