Emily Joy Marschall From “Lo & Slo” - Sahara BBQs
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Emily Joy Marschall From “Lo & Slo”

My Sahara x475 has transformed the way I grill! I use live fire smokers 12-18 hours a day for my work, so when I come home, I love how easy it is to quickly grill a delicious meal! The x475 is super versatile: I love the interchangeable plates to sear, make pizza, or barbecue a chicken or turkey. I grew up grilling all year round. We were always having to create ways to grill our thanksgiving turkey evenly. Now, with the roaster plate, it’s so simple to grill a whole bird to perfection.

The x475 has a glass window at the front, so I can always keep an eye on my food while it’s grilling. The temperature gauge is super accurate and allows me to to create multi-zone cooking areas. This grill can handle brisket, flank, ribs, and other hearty meats as well as tender vegetables and flaky fish… and everything in between!

The x475 is my one-stop-shop for barbecue!