David Hardman - Sahara BBQs
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David Hardman

When a company gets things this right, it’s only proper that you say so! The Sahara Oak 3 burner is fabulous to use and impressive too, it has a real presence and oozes quality! Great to put together (there isn’t much to do, it’s pretty much assembled as delivered, proper captive threads so no messing. Solid as a rock when assembled. Stainless steel (high grade and guage) everywhere that matters, including burners and anti-flare plates. Heavy cast Iron griddle plates. The burners are much better than most brands in that they spread heat wider, not just a ‘hot line’. In fact the two grill burners are as wide and useable as four on any other I’ve had, certainly plenty for a large party. Nice high dome so lots of room. There is just nothing to match these for quality and price and I know, Ive had them all, but this just might be the last BBQ I ever buy.
Two years on, still completely blown away by the quality. Easy to clean, we practically live off it through the summer. Could I improve it? Personally I never use the searing section, would prefer three griddle burners instead, but most people probably would. It’s worth mentioning that a 19kg gas bottle will just fit under the side table neatly, cutting the cost of your gas by half! Just get the regulator changed. Oh, and I’d love a lava rock tray, but nobody seams to do them anymore either. So well done Sahara, and thanks.