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Sticky Marmalade Glaze for your Christmas Ham

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The Christmas BBQ Ham has been a holiday tradition in our family since… forever. Hot or cold it’s just so tasty and it keeps everyone happy and let’s face it, there is nothing (and I mean NOTHING) like those leftover glazed ham sandwiches so packed full of stuffing, mayonnaise and cranberry sauce that you sometimes contemplate using a knife, fork and may need the help of a map to find out where to start!


  • 1 x 500g jar of a really good quality orange marmalade
  • 300g light muscovado sugar
  • jar whole cloves
  • 1 large aluminium foil pan


Mix the marmalade with the sugar and 50ml of water in a small pan and bring it to the boil. Then set aside and leave to cool.


Scoring the ham is important before roasting because it helps the meat soak up all the delicious flavour from the glaze. This is how we do it!

Leave on the fat for all the flavour!

Some people remove the skin and fat before roasting a ham, but I think it’s always best to leave it on since it’s absolutely loaded with flavour! Remove the skin, if you want, but try to leave as much of the fat on as possible.

A sharp knife.

Sometimes your ham can have a bit of a tough skin and since you want your scoring to look pretty, a sharp knife will help you make clean and precise slices.

Make sure your slices are close together. 

A little tip is to make your diagonal cross pattern as small as possible. This will ensure more of the glaze will soak into the top of the ham. This will also prevent large cracks from being created while the ham roasts, and this is what leads to your ham drying out.

Cut on the diagonal.

Skin and fat side up and with the ham directly in front of you, make slices on a 45 degree angle all over the top of the ham. Rotate your knife 90 degrees and make slices in the opposite direction all the way across the top of the ham to create a pretty diamond pattern. Now stud the ham with the cloves by poking a clove into the corner of each diamond.

Grilling the Ham

  1. Preheat the grill with all burners on high for 15 minutes, then turn off all but the outside burners (burner #1 and #4), leaving the middle of the grill with no lit burners. After 15 minutes turn the Grill to a medium heat.
  2. Next, Put the foil pan with the ham, along with some water in the centre of your grill (the lit burners are not directly below). Close the lid and let the BBQ do its work. (It should take about 18 minutes per pound of ham, but thickness matters more than weight). Insert a meat thermometer in the thickest part of the ham. The ham is ready when the core temperature reaches 60°C. at the thickest part.
  3. To avoid the glaze burning, during the last half hour of cooking, brush the ham with the reheated Sticky glaze every ten minutes.
  4. Let the Ham sit for about 20 mins covered in tinfoil before serving. This keeps it nice and juicy.

This Sticky Sahara marmalade Glazed Ham cooked on your BBQ is the perfect main dish for Christmas Day and it’s also a huge crowd pleaser! An easy 3-ingredient glaze makes this Christmas BBQ Ham so delicious!

Delicous Glazed Holiday Ham with Cloves Served for Dinner

Remember, that when using sugar in a Glaze it will burn at 170 Degrees so be mindful of this when you start to glaze your ham on the BBQ. Luckily most of our Sahara gas BBQ’s have a large viewing window so you can keep an eye on it without having to open the lid on a regular basis to check on it which drops the temperature!

Finally, whatever you do over the Christmas holidays, everyone here at Sahara wishes you all a Safe and Happy Christmas. I hope Santa is good to you all, and please if you can, try donate to a local Charity!

Merry Christmas Guys.

Check out our delicious Sticky Sahara marmalade Glazed Ham recipe here.


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