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  • Complete peace of mind with up to 10 Year Warranty.

  • Sahara™ Grill Insert System – Expand your cooking options!

  • Advanced burner technology for an even spread of heat and instant ignition every time.

  • Lifetime Technical Support

Wheel-away side cart

Our new side cart with utility bin and chopping board provides loads of useful prep space. It can also be wheeled away and used as a patio trolley.


Mix it Up – with Sahara Side Burner

Now you can add the exciting option of pot and pan cooking to your barbecue experience. Fry an egg, fry up some vegetables, boil water – the possibilities are endless! A practical extra feature to expand your cooking options.

  • Drinks Holder

    Convenient storage for beverages or BBQ sauces.

  • Cooking Area

    Serves 8 – 10 people.

  • Extendable Warming Rack

    Keep your food warm after cooking.

  • Tool hooks

    Keep your cooking tools handy

Sahara™ Grill Insert System

Revolutionise your barbecue cooking with the Sahara™ Grill Insert System. The grill insert range consists of the Searing Grill, Pizza Stone and Griddle Pan. These can be purchased here.

What our clients say about us

4.75 out of 5 · 55 reviews

As a chef and cookery school owner I have cooked on many different BBQs during my career. I am now the proud owner of Sahara’s X475 BBQ and I love it. I can honestly say that it’s the best BBQ that I have used. Plus it is from an Irish company so I am delighted to be supporting them.

There are so many things that I like about it. Most of all is the space available meaning that I can cook for many people at once either for my cooking demos or for entertaining. The 4 burners give great control and allow me to cook on an indirect heat or I can light one burner and barbeque for myself and my husband.

I also love the side prep table, how easy it is to clean the BBQ and the viewing panel so I don’t have to keep opening and closing it to see what’s going on!

The BBQ and all of the many accessories are fantastic value for money and I look forward to many years ahead as a happy Sahara customer.

Ciara Fennessy, Ciara’s Kitchen, Delgany, Co Wicklow

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Up Your Grilling Game with the Sahara X475 4 Burner Gas BBQ

End your search for the best barbecue with the innovative X475 4 Burner Gas BBQ from Sahara! This large grill features an expansive cooking area that lets you serve up to 10 people, making it an excellent choice for your larger gatherings. The X475 is loaded with features ranging from a convenient wheel-away side cart to Sahara’s culinary grill insert system making your job behind the BBQ easier than ever.

Quality Gas Barbecue With Wheel-Away Side Cart

The X475’s wheel-away side cart is sure to come in handy time and time again. This cart features a built-in utility bin, providing additional room for your favourite BBQ accessories, ingredients and other gear. Also, the integrated cutting board offers functional space for chopping vegetables and preparing your ingredients.

Our lightweight yet durable cart can also be easily wheeled away to save space when not in use. Many grill masters will even use it as a patio trolley, giving it a unique dual purpose.

With the Sahara Grill Insert System The Grilling Options Are Endless

The X475 4 Burner Gas BBQ also comes with Sahara’s innovative culinary grill insert system, which allows you to expand your cooking options with a series of available accessories. The system includes a cast-iron sear plate that can be used to achieve the perfect sear on nearly any meat. And of course, because it’s made of cast-iron, you can rest assured that it’s both durable and easy to clean.

BBQ Grill With a Viewing Window

Do you ever get frustrated while trying to keep an eye on your BBQ because lifting the lid allows precious heat and flavour to escape? If so, then you’ll love the panoramic viewing window that’s built into every X475 4 Burner Gas BBQ. This window makes it easy for you to monitor your food as you grill without having to lift the lid and allow heat to escape. The result is more delicious and evenly cooked food every time!

Why Choose a Sahara Gas BBQ?

All of these features, combined with conveniences like a fold-away warming rack and built-in drink/condiment holder, make the X475 4 Burner Gas BBQ one of the most innovative grills on the market. And of course, when you shop Sahara products, you can always rest assured that you’re shopping a collection of the best gas BBQs in the UK and Ireland. Our grills are all about quality, which is why we take the time to design and manufacture them entirely in-house.

Sahara products also come with a warranty of up to 10 years and lifetime technical support for added peace of mind. Plus, you’ll always receive free shipping anywhere in the UK and Ireland when you buy through Sahara.

Ready to place your order? Contact Sahara today to get started!

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Tech Specs

  • Dimensions

    1210(H) x 1820(W) x 645(D) mm
  • Weight

    84 kg
  • Ignition

    Electronic Ignition (main burners) and Piezo Ignition (side burner)
  • Colour

    Smoky Teal
  • Burner

    Four high energy stainless steel burners
  • kW Rating

  • Gas Type

    Propane (Gas hose and regulator included).
  • Warming Rack Size

    230(D) x 650(W) mm
  • Cooking Grill Size

    490(D) x 680(W) mm

Optional Accessories

  • Griddle Insert

    BBQ Griddle Pan

    FREE DELIVERY (over €50 | £50) within 5 working days.


    Description: Expand your cooking options with this griddle pan. Now you can easily create stir-fry meals, Sautéed vegetables, succulent pan-grilled fish and more! This is a high-quality cast iron, griddle pan which is both durable and easy to clean. It offers an even heat distribution for great cooking results. This griddle pan is compatible with the Sahara Grill Insert System and can also be used on any BBQ by placing on top of the grills.


    Furthermore, it can be used with any conventional kitchen oven to make your cooking experience even more versatile!

  • Premium BBQ Cover – Large

    FREE DELIVERY (over €50 | £50) within 5 working days.


    Description: This BBQ cover has a lightweight, water-resistant, breathable fabric coating, protecting against rain, dirt and discolouration. The drawstring with a stopper ensures a tight fit, keeping your BBQ safe from the elements. Suitable for most 5 burner and 6 burner BBQs. Always allow the BBQ to completely cool down before fitting the cover.



  • Searing Grill Insert

    Searing Grill BBQ Insert

    FREE DELIVERY (over €50 | £50) within 5 working days.


    Description: Sear your food to perfection with this searing grill insert. This is a high-quality cast iron, enamelled grill plate which is both durable and easy to clean. This grill can be used with the Sahara Grill Insert System. It offers an even heat distribution for great cooking results and is dishwasher safe.

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