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  • Complete peace of mind with up to 10 Year Warranty.

  • Sahara™ Grill Insert System – Expand your cooking options!

  • Advanced burner technology for an even spread of heat and instant ignition every time.

  • Lifetime Technical Support


Sahara™ Grill Insert System

Revolutionise your barbecue cooking with the Sahara™ Grill Insert System. The grill insert range consists of the Searing Grill, Pizza Stone and Griddle Pan. These can be purchased here.


Mix it Up – with Sahara Side Burner

Now you can add the exciting option of pot and pan cooking to your barbecue experience. Fry an egg, fry up some vegetables, boil water – the possibilities are endless! A practical extra feature to expand your cooking options.

What our clients say about us

4.75 out of 5 · 55 reviews
My bbq purchased in April was my best purchase this year by far. Love it. Its amazing so I would love everyone else out there to know. My mam has a Sahara bbq and patio heater about 15 years. Thats what inspired me to do a Google search and purchase my one. Im planning on xmas morning cooking turkey burgers 🤣😂 something different. My next purchase after that will be a heater🙈.


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  • Assembly Time

    Requires 2 people. 30 assembly steps in total.

  • Drinks Holder

    Convenient storage for beverages or BBQ sauces.

  • Cooking Area

    Serves 5 – 7 people.

  • Extendable Warming Rack

    Keep your food warm after cooking.

Keep The Flavour Locked In

Keep the hood closed and keep an eye on your cooking using the large, panoramic viewing window and temperature gauge – for great results every time.

Tech Specs

  • Burner

    Two high energy stainless steel burners
  • Colour

    Smoky Teal
  • Cooking Area

    2200 cm²
  • Gas Type

    Propane (Gas hose and regulator included).
  • Ignition

    Electronic Ignition (main burners) and Piezo Ignition (side burner)
  • kW Rating

  • Weight

    59 kg
  • Dimensions

    1240(H) x 1260 (W - Shelf Down 1000 )x 700 (D) mm

X250 2 Burner Gas BBQ

When it comes to gas BBQ grills, The X250 2 burner gas BBQ is one not to be missed. The unique design of this gas BBQ provides you with the best of features.

An extendable warming rack, a panoramic viewing window, utensil hooks, and a drinks holder are among the top reasons you should consider this gas BBQ.

Sahara Grill insert System

The X250 2 burner gas BBQ comes as standard with the Sahara Grill Insert system. This cutting-edge design provides the gas grill with a modular cooking surface. Want to cook a pizza? Swap out the cast-iron grill for a pizza stone. Want some sautéed vegetables or succulent pan fish? Swap out for the BBQ griddle pan. That’s just an introduction to the many accessories that work with the grill insert system on the X250 gas BBQ.

Side Burner

The X250 2 burner gas BBQ comes complete with a side-burner. Having this feature means you can add the exciting option of pot and pan cooking to your gas barbecue experience. Now you no longer need to leave the comforts of the gas BBQ when you’re craving a fried egg to complement your burger or when you fancy some stir-fried vegetables. No longer will you have to deal with those strong food odours in the house! There’s an endless number of possibilities that come with having the side-burner on your outdoor gas grill.

Panoramic Glass Viewing Window

When it comes to cooking on a gas grill, heat retention is vital. On some gas BBQs, this can be difficult to achieve if you need to keep opening the hood to check on the food. The X250 2 Burner Gas BBQs provides an innovative viewing window to allow you to keep an eye on the food without compromising heat retention. Now you can cut out the guesswork when it comes to perfecting your cooking.

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Optional Accessories

  • Premium BBQ Cover – Small

    FREE DELIVERY (over €50 | £50) within 5 working days.


    Description: This BBQ cover has a lightweight, water-resistant, breathable fabric coating, protecting against rain, dirt and discolouration. The drawstring with a stopper ensures a tight fit, keeping your BBQ safe from the elements. Suitable for most compact and 2 burner gas BBQs. Always allow the BBQ to completely cool down before fitting the cover.

    Note: This cover will also fit the following models: X350 3 Burner Gas BBQ, X450 4 Burner Gas BBQ (you must fold down the left side shelf)



  • BBQ Rotisserie

    FREE DELIVERY (over €50 | £50) within 5 working days.


    Description: Revolutionise your barbecue cooking with our fully automatic Rotisserie. The Rotisserie opens-up a whole new world of barbecue cooking. A must-have accessory for any BBQ enthusiast! Whole ducks, chickens, turkeys, prime rib and large, round, cylindrical foods, like turkey breasts, boneless leg of lamb, pork or beef roasts are well suited to rotisserie cooking. Check out our “BBQ Rotisserie Chicken” recipe on our BBQ Recipes Section. The Rotisserie is easy to assemble and is suitable for the Sahara X350, X450 and X475 BBQs. Battery operated (2 x D size batteries not included).

    View our complete range of gas bbqs for sale here.

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    Note: The small BBQ cover can be used with this model. 

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