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  • Complete peace of mind with up to 5 Year Warranty

  • Safety Features Fitted – Anti-tilt switch and flame failure devices

  • Stainless Steel Construction – High grade, durable and reliable

Keep It Focused

A unique feature to the Sahara patio heater range. The revolutionary heat focus reflector directs all the heat exactly where you want it, by simply adjusting the heat focus handle.

Instant Ignition!

The instant ignition system (with electronic starter) ensures a large spark that is always in the right spot.

  • Wheels

    Wheels fitted for easy mobility.

  • Heating Area

    Small – medium patio.

  • High Quality Build

    High grade stainless steel.

  • Storage Chamber

    Hinged door for easy access to cylinder.

Be A Control Freak!

With variable heat control, you are always in charge. Adjust the settings to suit your particular needs – whether you have a large crowd or a party of two.

Tech Specs

X13 Heat Focus Gas Patio Heater

Whether you‘re sitting down outside after a long day or you have a large group of friends around for entertaining, it’s always great to have some heat available just as the evening sets in. The X13 Heat Focus Patio Heater is the best patio heater to have in situations like these. This unique gas patio heater features a heat focus reflector, robust construction, and a contemporary design. A sturdy base with wheels for transportation along with a surface to hold your drinks are just some of the features which make this the best outdoor gas heater.


Heat Focus Reflector

The static nature of the reflector on other outdoor patio heaters means that the heat output is limited. Sahara outdoor gas patio heaters are different in that they allow you to change the angle of the reflector. The result of this is you can direct the heat to exactly where it’s needed. This allows you now to reduce the overall output thus saving fuel.


Robust Construction

The x13 outdoor patio heater comes in 2 varieties: Stainless Steel and Smoky Teal. The Stainless steel is both attractive and offers the best durability for any outdoor gas patio heater. The smoky teal version of this outdoor patio heaterfeatures an oven-baked powder coating. The powder coating provides huge durability against the elements. A must for any gas patio heater



Perfect Control Every Time

After igniting the x13 Heat Focus Gas Patio Heater, depending on the number of people in your group, you may find that the heat is either too strong or not strong enough. Luckily, this outdoor patio heater features a variable heating control and puts you in full command of the power. And if you want to turn it off, you know you can turn it back on again straight away with the instant electric ignition. This means you have the best control from the best gas patio heater

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  • Dimensions

    2250(H) x 865(W) x 865(D) mm
  • Weight

    38 kg
  • Double Wall Burner

  • Ignition

    Electronic ignition system
  • Colour

    Smoky Teal, Stainless Steel
  • Reflector Diameter

    865 mm
  • kW Rating

  • Gas Type

    Propane (Gas hose and regulator included).

Optional Accessories

  • Standard Patio Heater Cover

    FREE DELIVERY (over €50 | £50) within 5 working days.


    Description: Keep your patio heater protected from the elements all year round with a durable all-weather cover. The Sahara Patio Heater Cover is made from a heavy weight material and includes a water proof inner lining, making it water and fire retardant. It has a full length zip for easy fitting. Using this cover will help to keep the gas nozzle and venturi free from dust and insects.

    This patio heater cover is the perfect companion for your 13kW Sahara Patio Heater and is suitable for most standard sized patio heaters. View our complete range of patio heaters for sale here.

    Suitable for:

    Sahara 13kW Heat Focus Patio Heaters (excluding Memphis 13kW)

    38’200Btu Heat Focusing Patio Heaters

    Most standard Patio Heaters

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