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  • Complete peace of mind with up to 10 Year Warranty.

  • Keep The Hood Closed
    Easily Keep an eye on your cooking.

  • Advanced Burner Technology
    Even spread of heat and instant ignition every time.

  • Lifetime Technical Support

Sahara™ Grill Insert System

And cast iron sear plate. Easy to clean and durable.


Lift-away Side Trays

Bringing food to and from your barbecue is now much easier. These trays can act as barbecue side shelves, chopping boards and serving trays. 


Keep The Heat Locked In!

With our robust hood and sink, you can rest assured that your food will be kept piping hot. Excellent heat retention guaranteed!

  • Wheels

    Large, rubber coated wheels for easy mobility and lockable castors to keep the BBQ steady.

  • Cooking Area

    Serves 7 – 9 people.

  • Compact

    Simply remove the side trays and fold the side tray brackets downwards to make storage easier. Ideal for the winter months.

  • FSC Wood Trim Design

    Hand crafted, seasoned German Oak.

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions

    1210 x 1440 x 710 mm
  • Weight

    43 kg
  • Cooking Area

    3237 cm²
  • Ignition

    Long life piezo system
  • Colour

    Black + Grey + Oak Wood
  • Burner

    Three high energy stainless steel burners
  • kW Rating

  • Gas Type


Optional Accessories

  • Pizza Stone Insert

    Pizza Stone Insert

    Description: Bake your pizzas to perfection with this traditional round pizza stone. The easy-to-clean surface absorbs excess moisture from the pizza base. It offers an even heat distribution for great cooking results. The pizza stone is compatible with the Sahara Grill Insert System and can also be used on any BBQ by placing on top of the grills.

  • Premium BBQ Cover - Medium

    Premium BBQ Cover – Medium

    Description: This BBQ cover has a lightweight, water-resistant, breathable fabric coating, protecting against rain, dirt and discolouration. The drawstring with a stopper ensures a tight fit, keeping your BBQ safe from the elements. Suitable for most 3 burner and 4 burner BBQs. Always allow the BBQ to completely cool down before fitting the cover.


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