Cast Iron Grill Plate

A high quality, versatile grill plate that produces an even spread of heat.

Cooking Area

Serves 2 – 4 people


High grade, stainless steel

Dishwasher Safe

Easily keep your BBQ clean between uses

Be A Control Freak!

With variable heat control, you are always in charge. Adjust the settings to suit your particular needs – whether you have a large crowd or a party of two.

3 In 1!

Now you have the option to grill, boil and sear with the reversible porcelain enamel cast iron cooking griddle. This versatile cooking area also has a grease collector to keep your BBQ experience running safely and problem-free. Sear and grill meat and vegetables and boil liquids – the cooking possibilities are endless!

Nifty Set-up

The Grill 2 Go runs on a Calor 5kg gas cylinder. This cylinder is small and easy to transport, ensuring that you can bring your BBQ just about anywhere. Each 5kg cylinder gives you approximately 30 hour of use.
Grill to go_front on

Grill-2-Go 2 Burner Gas BBQ

Grill, sear and boil with this compact and easy-to-carry portable BBQ solution. Designed for cooking on the move!

Sahara Grill 2 Go Mini Gas Barbecue

Designed for cooking on the move!

Compact and easy to carry!

Quick and easy assembly.

  • Reversible porcelain enamel cast iron griddle
  • Versatile cooking area with grease collector
  • High grade stainless steel burner
  • Variable heat control
  • Runs on a calor 5kg gas cylinder (Provides approx. 30 hours use per Cylinder)

Sahara Grill 2 Go Mini Gas BBQ Tech Specs



Cooking Area




kW Rating

Gas Type

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