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How to Season your Cast-iron gas BBQ grill plates.


When cooking using cast-iron grill plates, it’s important to season them. Seasoning will provide your gas BBQ with an anti-stick coating and prolong the overall life of your BBQ for many years to come. The seasoning process is straightforward if you follow these steps:



  1. Switch on all of the burners to medium-high heat to burn off any residue left by the manufacturing process. This should be done with the lid open for 30mins. 
  2. Turn off all burners and let the gas BBQ cool down
  3. Once the gas BBQ is fully cooled, apply a thin coating of oil to the grills using a brush. Choose an oil with a high smoke point such as olive oil. We don’t recommend using butter or margarine as the grease from these will burn too quickly and won’t protect your grill plates
  4. After all of the grills are coated in oil and you’ve ensured nothing has been missed, turn all the burners up to high and close the lid. Leave for 30 mins
  5. Once this is completed, turn all burners off and open the lid. 
  6. You are now ready to cook on your seasoned gas grill.

Keep your Gas BBQ in good condition to cook delicious barbecue food


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