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Secure on a tripod! 

The Carbon Fibre can be mounted on its accompanying tripod to create a versatile heating system.

  • Longer wavelength infrared rays for more efficiency and comfort

  • Remote Control Operation 4 Power Settings, 24 hours timer control

  • Non-glare, soft lighting

  • IP55 Waterproof Rating

  • Carbon Fibre Heating Lamp

    10,000 carbon fibre lamp service life

  • Heating Area

    Small — medium patio.

  • Remote Control Operated

    Control the temperature from a distance with the included remote control. 

  • Waterproof

    IP55 waterproof rating ensures your heater is protected against the elements.

Efficient Heat!

The Carbon Fibre Electric Heater features an infrared lamp for more efficient heating. 

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions

    90cm x13cm x 9cm
  • Weight

  • Heat Lamp

    Carbon Fibre Element
  • kW Rating


Optional Accessories

  • Tripod Heater Stand

    The Tripod Heater Stand is designed especially so as to mount the Carbon Fibre Electic Heater or Halogen Electric Heater. This tripod is light and versatile so you can mount your heater in an instant.

    The tripod folds down to a convenient size for storage and transportation. 

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