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Top 10 Foods to Cook On Gas BBQs

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Gas BBQs are great garden accessories for a variety of reasons. For instance, they’re easy to use, safe and simple to adjust the cooking temperature based on the foods you’re preparing. And above all, when prepared correctly, recipes you cook on a gas BBQ simply taste great. These are all reasons why the gas BBQ is such a popular cooking accessory. While it’s used primarily in the warmer months to cook meals and entertain family and friends, a BBQ can also be used all year round. 

But are you curious what foods are ideal for cooking on a 4 burner BBQ? You probably already have your favourites — but the options are endless! In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the wide range of foods that a gas BBQ can prepare just right:

1. Hamburgers

Burgers and gas BBQs are pretty much synonymous, yet the options for the type of burger you can cook up are limitless. You can prepare standard burgers, cheeseburgers, stuffed burgers and more. Not only does beef cook easily on a gas BBQ, but quickly as well, allowing you to create a delicious meal in a matter of minutes. Just don’t forget the burger buns and condiments. And while you’re there, try throwing the rolls on the BBQ, too!

2. Steak

There are all kinds of different steak cuts that you can prepare on a gas BBQ. One of the nice bits about cooking steak is that you can use a few different strategies. For instance, if you like a crisp exterior, you can try searing the steak on both sides at high temperatures before bringing the temperature down to finish cooking it. We suggest using a meat thermometer when preparing steak as well, as this helps ensure that the meat is cooked to how you like it.

3. Fruit

Yes — fruit! We all love fresh fruit, but once you cook it on the BBQ, it rises to a whole new level. Watermelon takes on a smoky flavour and pairs deliciously with fresh salads. Throwing plums on high heat boosts their natural sweetness, making for a fantastic summer pudding. From pears to pineapple, you can’t go wrong with barbecued fruit.

4. Chicken

Grilled chicken on the BBQ isn’t just a delicious meal, but a healthy one. Lean meats such as this are great for your diet, and like burgers, there are many things that you can do with a chicken dish. You can marinate the meat to bring out more flavour and when it’s time to serve, add sauces and other things to make it just how you like it. Why not try cooking a whole chicken or bird on the BBQ – either spatchcock or using a rotisserie. The flavours are great and the meat remains juicy. We also recommend using a meat thermometer when cooking chicken to make sure it’s thoroughly prepared.

5. Sausages

While hot dogs are great on the BBQ, so are bratwurst and other types of speciality sausage. These meats grill up quickly and taste fantastic. Pair with beans and chips for the perfect summer dinner.

6. Vegetables

Meats are usually the obvious go-to when preparing food on a gas BBQ, but don’t be afraid to expand your horizons. For instance, starches such as corn taste excellent when prepared correctly on the BBQ. Just place the husks on the grates and turn every five minutes for 15 to 20 minutes. It’s a different way to enjoy a great side dish, and you won’t be disappointed.

Veggies such as asparagus are also ideal for cooking on the BBQ. This is a food that’s also very easy to prepare. Just turn the BBQ to high heat and cook for two to three minutes. Or why not try roasted peppers and courgettes. The options are endless. 

7. Potatoes

Potatoes are another food that you shouldn’t be afraid to throw on the gas BBQ! Slice them into thin pieces, wrap them in aluminium foil and pop them on the grates. Prepare the potatoes on the BBQ for 20 to 30 minutes, then add cheese and any other toppings for a few minutes before you’re ready to remove them.

8. Pizza

Have you ever tried cooking pizza on a BBQ? If your BBQ has a pizza stone insert you can quickly rustle up a tasty pizza on your gas BBQ. Prepare the grill by turning it up to high – this gives you that great crispy pizza base. Use a shop-bought base, or make the base yourself, add your favourite toppings and put it on the pizza stone. In 5-6 minutes you’ll have a delicious pizza to enjoy.

9. Kebabs

Want to prepare a meal that mixes both veggies and meats or just uses vegetables? Kebabs could be the ideal dish for you — plus, they’re straightforward to make on a gas BBQ. Just prepare the skewers and then place them onto the cooking grates, rotating once every few minutes. When made right, you won’t be disappointed with the result.

10. Shrimps

Shrimp is a simple yet satisfying dinner option. Whether made into kebabs or left on their own, they’re delicious! Shrimp foil packs are easy to prepare, too. Just dress them in some lemon and spices, and cook for eight to 10 minutes. When cool enough to handle, give everything a big stir!

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