Barbecue Accessories To Get You Cooking With Gas!
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The Best BBQ Accessories For Your Outdoor Cooking 

Sahara S350 Gas Barbecue side board

BBQ accessories make outdoor cooking more efficient, convenient and safer. Purpose-designed, they also enhance the results of your barbecuing. Whether you fire up your gas BBQ every other day or just occasionally, a carefully selected number of BBQ cooking utensils will help you bring your barbecuing A-game to the grill! 
So, what items consistently make it into customers’ BBQ accessories kit? We list the top performers here. Buy any of these tools, and you’re on your way to achieving BBQ

Trending BBQ accessories in UK & Ireland 

BBQ grill inserts 

Sahara Grill Insert System

What are they? 

Also referred to as a BBQ grill grate, grill grid, or cooking grates, BBQ grill inserts are removable cooking surfaces that slot neatly into the main area of a BBQ.

Why do you need them? 

If you’re looking for must-have BBQ accessories, the Sahara Grill Insert System a grill insert needs to be the top of your list. A BBQ insert grill transforms your BBQ, giving you new functions and more recipe options. 

Why will you love them? 

  • Our grill insert lets you use different griddle plates, pans, and pizza stones for maximum versatility.
  • We offer a terrific range of grill inserts, including a reversible round griddle plate that delivers sealing and searing perfection. 
  • Say goodbye to losing shrimps, fish pieces, onion rings and other more delicate food through the grill. 
  • Increases your cooking repertoire.  
  • Easy to clean and durable. 

BBQ poultry roaster 

Poultry Roaster lifestyle

What is it? 

Our stainless steel poultry roaster for BBQ holds the bird upright during the cooking process. 

Why do you need it? 

This is set to become one of your favourite BBQ cooking accessories. A poultry roaster evenly cooks the bird, making the outside crispy and browned, while keeping the inside moist and flavorful.

Why will you love it? 

  • Achieves fantastic browning whilst retaining tender meats and fish.  
  • Hard-wearing and easy to clean. 
  • 2-in-1 allows you to remove the centre cup and use it as a grill basket. 
  • Conveniently keeps the bird and juices away from other food on the grill. 
  • Beer can chicken – that is all! 

Digital cooking thermometer 

Digital BBQ Thermometer 2

What is it? 

A thermometer for cooking measures food’s internal temperature as it cooks. The Sahara device connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone and notifies you when food reaches a preset temperature. 

Why do you need it? 

You definitely want this in your BBQ accessories set. A cook’s thermometer removes the guesswork, giving you an accurate and instant reading of food temperature. 

Why will you love it? 

  • Set and forget – wait for your phone to tell you when something is cooked! 
  • Food safety – avoids serving food that could be toxic if not properly cooked. 
  • Achieves better cooking results. 
  • Provides objective data and removes the stress of you having to guess. 
  • Our Sahara unit comes with two temperature probes. 

Wood chippings for BBQ 


What are they? 

We use BBQ wood chips, or bits of pieces of wood, to add a smoky flavour to food when barbecuing. 

Why do you need them? 

OK, so you might not immediately think of wood chips when you think of cooking utensils for BBQ. However, you should! Using wood chips for a gas BBQ infuses a smokey taste into your cooking, making it taste unique and delicious.

Why will you love them? 

  • Elevates your cooking by delivering a wonderful edge to food flavour. 
  • Different types of gas BBQ wood chips offer a great selection of flavours, allowing you to experiment or tailor to specific tastes and preferences. 
  • Evokes that feeling of old-school fireside cooking with far less fuss and smoke! 
  • Our smoke wood chips for BBQ are made from real, quality timber such as apple, hickory, maple and mesquite.  

Why invest in quality BBQ accessories

BBQ grill accessories are affordable, versatile and purpose-designed products made to enhance your barbecuing experience. Not only do they make the cooking process safer and more convenient, but they boost flavour, texture and ensure foods are cooked just right. 

If you’ve invested in one of our sensational gas BBQs, then kitting it out with a few key barbecue accessories will be the icing on the cake. Don’t forget to check out our mouth-watering BBQ recipes for some outdoor cooking inspiration. 

Find all your gas BBQ accessories at Sahara BBQs 

We stock a sensational range of accessories for your gas BBQ so you can create the ultimate tool set. Enjoy browsing online, and reach out to our friendly team if we can help with anything else.