The Benefits Of Gas Barbecuing Compared To Charcoal
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Why Choose a Gas BBQ over Charcoal?

outdoor barbecue and utensils

If there is one debate that can really, err, ignite the barbecue world, it’s got to be the age-old question of gas vs charcoal BBQ. Far be it for us to exercise any bias, but the answer is clear-cut. It’s hands-down a gas barbecue. We don’t just have one compelling reason, but many. So, let’s fire up the conversation and consider the top five most convincing points about why gas BBQ grills are the ultimate in outdoor cooking. 

BBQ gas cooking can taste smokey 

Let’s first address the elephant at this outdoor event! Yes, charcoal BBQs create a smokey flavour. In fact, they’re a bit of a one-pony show in that regard. No matter what the style of cooking, everything takes on a charcoal flavour. On the other hand, a gas BBQ can smoke, roast, sear, grill… The list goes on. 

But if it’s smoking you want, it’s smoking you can have in spades. That’s right – when you’re cooking with gas, you can choose to add smoke flavours. We’re not talking about one homogenous taste that gets a bit same-old over time, but options to keep things more than interesting. 

Looking for traditional American BBQ flavour? Why not some apple and rum woodchips to give things an edge. Want something to turn your meat into magic? Beef and lamb wood chips are for you. Feel like a Kentucky kick? You won’t want to go past maple and bourbon wood chips. Or why not opt for poultry and pork wood chips for the wow factor? 

If the mere thought of woodchips has sent your tastebuds into heavenly freefall, you might want to check out some tantalising BBQ recipes over on our blog. We have a great range of meal choices on offer for meat lovers or vegetarians. 

A portable gas BBQ is more convenient 

Sahara Red Mini Gas Barbecue


Nothing beats a Mini Portable Gas BBQ for ease of use and storage-saving. This pocket rocket punches well above its weight and can have up to ten sausages sizzling in next to no time. If you’re in a campervan, caravan or even a car, you’re hardly going to lug a charcoal burner around with you, right? However, take Mini on your getaway, and you’ve got quick heat-up instant barbecuing magic. 

Even when we move up the sizing scale to larger models, convenience is still a big factor. All our multiple burner BBQs come with sturdy castor wheels on one side. Just tilt and pull to easily move them into place. Got a street party planned? Too easy – roll your BBQ down the footpath and fire it up. You’ll be everyone’s favourite neighbour. 

Fast cooking 

If you suddenly need to feed half a kid’s soccer team, the importance of fast-cooking meals cannot be overestimated! Nothing is a challenge when you’re cooking with gas. Flames ignite on command, and temperatures rise rapidly. In contrast, heating a charcoal BBQ is like watching grass grow in real-time. 

Do you prefer slow food? Easy – just dial the temperature down and take as long as you want. The beauty of cooking with gas means you have options. 

Easy to clean 

But the low maintenance doesn’t stop when the temperature rises. What happens to a charcoal BBQ when the party is over? Some poor sod pulls the lucky straw and has to empty the charcoal. That’s messy, laborious work. Not so with a  propane gas BBQ, which you can clean very much like you would a stove. Turn up the heat, close the hood on your empty BBQ and leave it to essentially cook itself for ten minutes. Then grab a high-quality BBQ scraper or brush to easily remove any bits and bobs. Finish with a quick wipe using a vinegar and water solution, and you have yourself a clean cooker! 

Find other ideas to care for your gas BBQ on our blog. 

Gas burners provide different heat zones

Here at Sahara, we offer 2-burner gas bbqs, 3-burner gas bbqs, and 4-burner gas bbqs. The more burners, the more heat zones you have for your cooking. This means you can simultaneously cook various foods at different temperatures. This is truly game-changing in terms of the average menu. Why have just one protein and sides if you can have a buffet?

Let’s take just one possible meal scenario using a 4-burner gas BBQ. On one burner, you can have steaks and burgers grilling. Place some chicken drumsticks and breasts on the second burner. Now wrap your favourite veggies in some tin foil or use a grill and cook your greens on the third burner. Why not use the fourth burner as a warming rack for some garlic bread? You can set each of the four burners at different temperatures and work them independently but simultaneously. 

Now that’s a flexible feast in the making! 

The best gas BBQs have extra features 

We all love a quality add-on, especially if it means more cooking creativity or simplicity. 

BBQ grill inserts turn an already fantastic barbeque into a pizza-making, griddling, grilling or searing sensations. Available at very affordable prices, you can use these humble accessories to whip up pizza, brown meat into an irresistible, caramelly delight, roast chickens and cook fiddly fantastic food that would otherwise fall through a charcoal grill (think mushrooms, onions, etc.). It’s the simple things in life that can elevate something to superstardom. 

Some of our stand-out favourites include the fish basket, the automatic rotisserie, and the practical digital BBQ thermometre. Whether you’re looking to expand your cooking repertoire or you just want the right utensils to do the job perfectly, you’ll find them at Sahara. 

An outdoor gas BBQ is clean and smoke-free 

Sahara S325 3 Burner Gas BBQ cooking

Gas BBQs use propane or natural gas, which is a cleaner fuel source than charcoal. As charcoal burns, it produces fine particles, including ash and soot, which can settle on food (or on those doing the cooking!). We prefer to eat BBQ food rather than end up smelling like it.

We hope this has been a helpful guide in showing all the benefits of barbequing with gas. No matter what way you look at it, we think this is a clear winner over charcoal cooking. 

Contact our team today

If you’re in the market looking to buy a new gas BBQ, touch base with our friendly team at Sahara. We are passionate about this type of cooking, and we like nothing more than sharing that enthusiasm with you! Whether you’re after technical advice or unsure which product is right for you, we’re here to help. 

Charcoal vs gas grill – all your questions answered 

What are the benefits of gas barbecuing compared to charcoal?

There are so many benefits, as we’ve touched on above. Convenience and time are big factors – you don’t have to wait for coals to heat up, adjustable knobs make temperature control effortless and ignition is instant. 

Because gas heats up faster than charcoal coals, you can start cooking sooner rather than later. This is really handy if you’re catering for large numbers or you have extremely hungry mouths to feed (or both)!

Cleaning up is a lot easier. You don’t have to deal with disposing bags of charcoal coals and removing ash residue. In fact, the gas BBQ removes a lot of the elbow grease to begin with! By simply closing the lid, dialling up the temperature and leaving for ten minutes, your unit will carbonise any debris, making it super simple to remove. Why ruin a great feast with a big, tedious clean-up? 

Is gas barbecuing more convenient than charcoal grilling?

Yes, absolutely, it is. As we’ve just mentioned above, gas ignition is fast and easy, and the equipment will heat quickly. Controlling the temperature is effortless and instant. Multiple burners provide different heat zones to cook various dishes. Cleaning up is straightforward and simple. No matter how you approach this, cooking with gas is a winner! 

Is it true that gas barbecues heat up faster than charcoal grills?

Yes. Gas barbecues will heat up in minutes whilst cooking with charcoal will take over 20 minutes before coals are hot enough. 

Is it better to cook with gas or charcoal?

We’re convinced gas BBQing is superior. Not only can you achieve delicious smoky flavours, but you can do so quickly, easily and with a lot less fuss than you would using a charcoal BBQ. Get more great food fast and say goodbye to high-maintenance cleaning.