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If you’ve never made pizza at home and cooked it on your BBQ Pizza stone or Sahara Pizza oven you should give it a go.! Now, there is nothing wrong with ordering in your pizza especially after a long day but, it will never taste the same as a homemade Pizza. Good pizza starts with good pizza dough. This homemade pizza dough is a perfect recipe for beginners to make because it is so easy with just 6 simple ingredients and 15 minutes hands-on work. Once you try homemade pizza dough, it will be hard to go back to store-bought dough or even pizza delivery.

If you want to make it in advance, store it in the fridge and pull it out when you’re ready to make your homemade pizza! This recipe is so flexible! The thing I love about pizza is if you have a fussy eater at home, they can create their own topping. It’s perfect for everyone! I have also added in the pizza sauce I use, nothing too overpowering, just good produce and fresh herbs.

It can seem like a good idea to smother the pizza dough in sauce, but I don’t recommend it as it makes the base a little soggy, and who in their right minds wants a soggy pizza base!

I think the 4 below are some of the most popular combinations for pizza’s and would be my go too if I knew I had fussy eaters coming (although the pineapple is a little controversial!!!)

  • Pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni
  • Pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, basil.
  • BBQ Chicken: Pizza sauce, BBQ sauce, chicken, mozzarella cheese.
  • Tomato Sauce, cheese, ham, pineapple.

If you are a little more adventurous though these combinations are delicious and worth a try.

  • spicy salami, peppers, jalapenos, onions, hot sauce
  • crumbled blue cheese, mushrooms, leafy spinach, red onions and walnuts
  • mushrooms, red onions, bell peppers, black olives, tomatoes and spinach.
  • pepperoni, sausage, green bell pepper, black olives and red onions.

Are you ready to get your pizza fix??

Simple Homemade Pizza Dough and Sauce recipe

Enjoy, and let me know what you think via our Facebook or Instagram


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