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Did you know that you can make take out on your BBQ? This Korean style beef recipe, which is grilled on your Griddle Pan is easy to make and more delicious than take out. It’s a family friendly meal that everyone will love. Also, we all want to make the most of our evenings during the week so this one pot wonder ticks all the boxes.

sahara grilled fajitas spices

This Korean Beef meal is fantastic with fried rice but feel free to add your own twist. One of the things I think you’ll love about this recipe is how easy it is to customise based on what ingredients you may already have on hand. You can easily switch up the colour of the peppers, the type of onion you use, or even the protein you choose (although I highly recommend steak). You can also swap out the rice for gorgeous roasted baby potatoes for a change.

Some Tips..

  • Good quality cuts of meat are a must. Stir-fries use gristle-free meat.
  • Remove all connective tissue.
  • The stir-fry strips must be cut thinly. Best to use a sharp knife to achieve this.
  • Allow the strips to come to room temperature before cooking.
  • When cooking the meat, don’t overcrowd the Griddle Pan. If you do, the temperature of the oil goes down and you will be steaming the meat, not frying it.
  • Add in the fresh vegetables towards the end, this keeps them crisp and adds texture to your stir-fry as a contrast to the tender meat.

Sahara Steak and Garlic butter recipe butchers

This easy recipe is the perfect one griddle meal that is great for Sunday dinner, the holidays, or an effortless weeknight meal!

Enjoy, and let me know what you think via our Facebook or Instagram


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