How To Choose a BBQ & Get Ready For Summer
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How To Choose The Right BBQ & Get Summer Ready

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The days are getting brighter and longer, and it genuinely feels like fair-weather living is around the corner. What better way to get ready and make the most of a cracking British or Irish summer than with a new Sahara gas BBQ?

If you’re in the middle of choosing a BBQ, we provide some key factors to determine the best BBQ to purchase. Along with tips on buying a BBQ, we share some great post-purchase hints so you can make the most of your equipment and the sizzling season ahead. 

So, let’s fire up and find out more! 

Be realistic about your available BBQ space 

Where do you intend to set up your barbecue and cook outdoors? 

From a small apartment balcony to a bungalow patio or country home garden, size matters. Or does it? The great thing about a Sahara portable gas BBQ is it’s compact. No matter the number of gas burners, our BBQs are built to take up the least room but handle the most cooking. 

As a rule of thumb, for safety and comfort, you should aim for the following BBQ cooking space: 

  • 2 burner BBQ – 2,200cm2 
  • 3 burner BBQ – 2,600cm2 – 3,200cm2
  • 4 burner BBQ – 3,400cm2



BBQ for small spaces

If your heart is set on a four-burner gas BBQ, but your cooking and dining area is restricted, don’t worry. At least one of the side shelves can be folded down so the BBQ will take up less space. If your outdoor dining and cooking area is more like a Juliet balcony, you can still embrace a BBQ lifestyle! Aim for a portable gas BBQ – it will work a treat and easily cook for two. 

How many people do you typically barbecue for? 

This is another excellent question to ask whenchoosing a gas BBQ. There’s very little grey in the answers so as long as you’re clear on catering numbers, we’re clear on the best BBQ advice for you!

Sahara Mini Gas BBQ – ideal for up to four people 

2 Burner Gas BBQs  – ideal for six people 

3 Burner Gas BBQs – ideal for seven to nine people 

4 Burner Gas BBQs – ideal for eight to 10 people Where you cook influences your BBQ purchase 

Where you cook influences your BBQ purchase 

You have plenty of BBQ-buying freedom if you plan to set up on the decking or in the garden. However, if your idea of BBQing heaven is at the beach, in a park or in the woods, you must consider practicalities. 

For those on the move, we recommend the Sahara Mini Gas BBQ. Lightweight and with a lid that doubles as a chopping board, this BBQ-on-the-go packs a tiny punch. Why not have the best of both worlds and keep this in the car/caravan and get a larger gas burner set up at home? It sounds like barbecue bliss to us! 

OK, so we’ve shared these great questions to help you determine how to choose a gas BBQ; now what? 

Post-purchase BBQ advice 

You’ve found the perfect barbecue. Here are some great pointers to remember so you get the most out of your new BFF. 

BBQ accessories enhance the cooking – and eating – experience 

Make the most of your BBQ purchase by selecting some barbecue accessories. Purpose-designed and developed, these specialist accessories help you clean, cook with and maintain an exceptional BBQ performance. If you’re just starting out, we recommend: 

  • A digital BBQ thermometer eliminates the dodgy guesswork and ensures diner safety and pleasure by cooking meat, fish and poultry to objective perfection.
  • A BBQ tool set allows you to pierce, flip and move food safely and easily. Long handles keep your hands and arms away from immediate flames, and an ergo rubber grip ensures comfort. 
  • Care for your cooking companion and keep things clean with a non-abrasive nylon grill BBQ brush


Digital BBQ Thermometer

Preparing your BBQ grills 

Care for your barbecue, and you will reap the rewards! If this is the first time you’re using it (or it’s been a while in between seasons), spray cooking oil to the entire surface of the grill. Remove with a paper towel. Once finished, turn your BBQ on and let it run for 15 minutes. Get ready for some smoke action! Once the oil residue burns off and the smoke eases, your BBQ grates are ready to do their thing! 

Practice gas BBQ safety 

Steer clear of fences, trees and anything overhanging that might go up in flames if something on the grill decides to let off a bit of vertical heat. Always keep a bucket of water or fire extinguisher close to hand. Keep pets and children at a distance, even when the BBQ is turned off, as it will retain heat for some time.  

Talk to us about choosing a gas BBQ 

We hope we’ve helped you determine how to choose a gas BBQ and set yourself up perfectly for summer outdoor cooking. If you have any questions, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team. We’re here to help you on your BBQing adventure – you won’t look back!