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Our Sahara Grilled Chicken Fajitas are a quick and easy dinner that is bursting with flavour, full of goodness and everyone will love them. I guarantee you this will become a regular in your house. The prep work can be all done in advance or even the night before. Everything is cooked in your Sahara griddle pan which cuts down on clean up time, making this a perfect dinner for a busy night.

sahara grilled fajitas recipe
Sahara Grilled Fajitas

The thing I love most about these BBQ fajitas is that everyone can customise the wraps to suit their own taste. They are high in protein with a good amount of veggies and super fun to eat! And if you don’t have a certain topping, no problem, the show can still go on…

sahara grilled fajitas spices

Tender and juicy chicken, perfectly sautéed onions, and a beautiful mix of brightly coloured peppers all coated in a Mexican inspired marinade, this recipe brings comfort food to the next level.



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