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Sooo yesterday this was lunch… Pink, deliciously plump prawns grilled in a glossy garlic and chili glaze on the BBQ  – what more could you want? Simply served with fluffy rice or crispy bread as a BBQ seafood treat. I make mine in my griddle pan on the Grill and highly recommended it because of the Even heat distribution which means great cooking results.

I tend to use cooked prawns because you can just toss them in the heated oil. If using frozen prawns, make sure to let them thaw completely before use. I love using prawns in recipes because they are so versatile and easy.. but when cooking with prawns, here are a few tips!.

🔥 overcooked prawns are rubbery and hard, rather than juicy and plump. They take 3 minutes max to cook (medium to large);

🔥 A crowded pan can result in stewed prawns rather than seared. You want to sear them for maximum flavour.! So If you are cooking a large amount of prawns cook half the prawns, remove, and then cook the other half.

🔥Use a very hot temperature to help cook the prawns perfectly and get a nice sear on them

So, Whether you’ve had a busy day or you simply don’t want to do very much to get dinner on the table, all it takes is a few simple ingredients to pull it together. This recipe is heaven in a bowl.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think via our Facebook or Instagram


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