8 BBQ Tips To Increase Your Grill Game
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Eight Gas Barbecuing Tips & Techniques That Will Enhance Your Grill Game

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If you’ve recently purchased or were gifted a new gas BBQ, it’s time to become a barbecue master. Becoming a fantastic chef, however, isn’t as simple as it may seem. It’s one thing to fire it up and turn on the burners; it’s another to prepare meats and other foods to perfection on it. In this post, we’ll get you started by sharing eight gas barbecuing tips and techniques to fine-tune your cooking skills, ensure food and BBQ grill safety and avoid some of the common problems beginners face.

Here’s a closer look at some tips and techniques to help you master the art of cooking on a gas BBQ grill:

1. Know at What Temperatures to Cook Meat, Seafood and Vegetables

Not all foods are cooked at the same temperature on your gas BBQ, so avoid getting into the habit of turning it on high and letting it go. While some foods are ideal for cooking hot and fast, others are not. So take the time to know what to cook at high temperatures and low ones. Burgers, lamb, pork and thin-cut meats are ideal for preparing quickly at hot temperatures, but then there are other foods like fish, veggies and chicken that are best prepared at medium temperatures. Larger cuts of meat and roasts should be prepared at even lower temperatures.

2. Master the Art of Searing and Indirect Cooking on a Gas BBQ

Searing is a great way to lock in flavour with meats. It involves turning your gas barbecue up to its hottest temperature and then placing a piece of meat onto the grill, waiting 1 minute and then flipping, so it cooks for another minute on the other side. This will crisp the edges of the meat, making for a tasty meal.

After you’ve completed the initial 2-minute searing process, lower the temperature and finish preparing the meat. You may even finish getting the meat ready via indirect cooking, which involves turning off the burners directly under where you’re barbecuing to cook the rest of the meat slowly.

3. Preheat the BBQ Before You Cook

Just like you need to preheat the oven before using it, you should also be preheating your gas BBQ grills. Fire up the burners and let them sit with the lid closed for up to 15 minutes. The high heat will loosen any food debris, making it easier to remove before cooking. The high temperatures will also make it easy to sear any food you’re preparing.

4. Always Use a Meat Thermometer

While you may prefer your steaks and burgers cooked to levels other than medium well and well done, other foods such as chicken aren’t something you should serve if it’s not completely cooked. One ideal way to ensure that any food you’re making on the BBQ is cooked to safe temperatures is to use a meat thermometer.

5. Salt and Season Like a Pro

It’s common to season or salt steaks before throwing them on the BBQ grill. We encourage you to be very generous when doing this. Whatever amount of salt or seasoning you think you need — double it.

6. Keep the BBQ Clean and Well Maintained

It doesn’t matter whether you’re working with a large gas BBQ grill, 3 burner grill, 4 burner grill or a portable grill; you need to know how to keep it clean. You should be preheating the BBQ properly and using a brush to remove any food debris on the grates at a minimum. Take things a step further by removing the grills and burner covers at least once every few months to clean this area. When you stick to a strict cleaning schedule, you’ll notice the difference in your cooking.

7. Don’t Prematurely Sauce Your Food

One of the common mistakes that many people make when barbecuing is saucing too early. Wait to sauce until the last minute or two of preparing food on the grill. If you attempt to do this too soon, the sauce will just quickly burn away, especially if it’s any type that has sugar or honey in it.

8. Know How Well Done your Meat Is

Regardless of what you’re cooking, you don’t want to be cutting into it to see if it’s properly cooked. This just releases juices and dries out the food. So how do you test for doneness? It’s simple to do with your hand. While it’s relatively easy to know when burgers, hot dogs and many other foods are ready, steak can be challenging.

Wash your hands and then use two fingers to press down on the steak’s surface. If the steak feels like your thumb, it’s rare or medium-rare. If it feels like the area where your thumb and palm meet, it’s medium. And if it feels like the middle of your palm, then it’s well done. You can verify any desired level of doneness by using a meat thermometer, too.

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