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Welcome to our Sahara BBQ Blog, where we share plenty of tips for barbeque purchasing, cooking, maintenance and care. If you’re in the market to gas BBQ, or you want to find out how to get the most out of the one you already have, we’re here to help. From portable gas BBQs to 4-burner BBQs, prepare to become a Barbeque Guru!

We explore some of the best BBQ accessories that make cooking a pleasure (and cleaning up as easy and fast as possible!). We also look at outdoor gas and electric heaters & fire pits to discover what works for who and how to enjoy the outdoors any time of year.

Welcome to the world of BBQing –  let’s get cooking with gas!

S350 3 burner gas BBQ Large viewing Window

The Best Barbeques For Your Cooking & Needs

If you live in the UK or Ireland and are looking for a new outdoor cooker, this article is here to help. If you’re not sure where to even start, we break it down by exploring the four styles of gas BBQ on offer at Sahara BBQs, the type of cooking you can do, the […]

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BBQ Preparation – How To Get Ready For Summer

The cold weather is behind us, and the Mercury level is rising. Days are getting lighter for longer, and a summer stretch is at last around the corner. It’s time to fire up the gas BBQ and get cooking in the great outdoors! But before you dash out to the patio and light the ignition, […]

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Delicious Desserts to Cook on BBQ

If you’re hosting an outdoor feast and wondering what BBQ desserts you can whip up, get ready for some sweet inspiration! All these luscious, silky or syrupy delights not only taste amazing, but you can make them on the barbecue.  That’s right – desserts to cook on a BBQ! If you mistakenly think an outdoor […]

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Sahara Range

The Best BBQ Christmas Gift Ideas

Forget socks and pants; throw some sizzle and sauce into your 2023 Christmas gift idea brainstorming and think… Barbecues!  That’s right – fire up the gas and get creative this year with some of the most exciting and practical Christmas gift ideas anyone could hope to expect in their Santa stocking. That’s the great thing […]

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Sahara S350 Gas Barbecue closed hood with window

Healthy BBQ Ideas Your Tastebuds and Tummy Will Love

There’s plenty to love about cooking with a gas BBQ. It’s easy, fast, super-tasty and – if you follow these great ideas – it’s good for you. Is BBQ food healthy? It certainly can be, but it ultimately comes down to the food choices you make and the way in which you do the cooking.  […]

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Sahara S350 Gas Barbecue side board

The Best BBQ Accessories For Your Outdoor Cooking 

BBQ accessories make outdoor cooking more efficient, convenient and safer. Purpose-designed, they also enhance the results of your barbecuing. Whether you fire up your gas BBQ every other day or just occasionally, a carefully selected number of BBQ cooking utensils will help you bring your barbecuing A-game to the grill! So, what items consistently make it […]

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Why Choose a Gas BBQ over Charcoal?

If there is one debate that can really, err, ignite the barbecue world, it’s got to be the age-old question of gas vs charcoal BBQ. Far be it for us to exercise any bias, but the answer is clear-cut. It’s hands-down a gas barbecue. We don’t just have one compelling reason, but many. So, let’s […]

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Mini BBQ Lifestyle sahara wood top

T3 Names Sahara Mini Gas BBQ The Best Small Gas Barbecue For Tabletop Use 

T3, the UK’s premiere online destination for showcasing beautiful things to help live a smarter and better life, has named our Sahara Mini Gas BBQ as the best small gas barbecue for tabletop use.  The Sahara Mini Gas Barbecue was nominated as part of the consumer lifestyle site’s annual awards programme, which described it as […]

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