Kick your gas BBQ grill into gear to have the best summer ever!

Summer Barbecues are Here!!!

We BBQ lovers look forward to summertime since it's the time when the gas BBQ goes out of storage and into action. Summer means having the best gas BBQs in everyone's eyes. Before you start grilling, there are a few things you need to do.   Cleaning the BBQ After you have put your gas grill in storage, it is essential to clean it. Get that scrubber and sponge, and clean any dirt ...

The Right Tool for the Right Job

When it comes to cooking on a gas BBQ in the UK and Ireland, there is always uncertainty about what tool you should use for what type of food. Here is a simple guide that shows you how to master your craft. Cooking You will need three tools to cook on a gas BBQ: Tongs, a spatula, and a barbecue fork. The Sahara 3 piece BBQ set features all the tools you ...

Top 10 Foods to Cook On Gas BBQs

Gas BBQs are great garden accessories for a variety of reasons. For instance, they're easy to use, safe and simple to adjust the cooking temperature based on the foods you're preparing. And above all, when prepared correctly, recipes you cook on a gas BBQ simply taste great. These are all reasons why the gas BBQ is such a popular cooking accessory. While it's used primarily in the warmer months to ...

Delicious food can be cooked on our outdoor gas barbecues

Eight Gas Barbecuing Tips & Techniques That Will Enhance Your Grill Game

If you’ve recently purchased or were gifted a new gas BBQ, it's time to become a barbecue master. Becoming a fantastic chef, however, isn't as simple as it may seem. It's one thing to fire it up and turn on the burners; it’s another to prepare meats and other foods to perfection on it. In this post, we'll get you started by sharing eight gas barbecuing tips and techniques to ...

A Beginner’s Guide to BBQs: What Size Gas BBQ Do I Need?

A Beginner’s Guide to BBQs: What Size Gas BBQ Do I Need? Whether you only grill for special occasions or always host cookouts, choosing the right BBQ grill to suit your needs is a must. From portable BBQs to large, four-burner models, Sahara has your selection of the best gas BBQ grills on the market. One of the most common questions we get from customers is, "How can I choose the BBQ ...

Side Car Detached for Sahara X475 Barbecue

Up Your Grilling Game with the Sahara X475 4 Burner Gas BBQ

Up Your Grilling Game with the Sahara X475 4 Burner Gas BBQ End your search for the best barbecue with the innovative X475 4 Burner Gas BBQ from Sahara! This large grill features an expansive cooking area that lets you serve up to 10 people, making it an excellent choice for your larger gatherings. The X475 is loaded with features ranging from a convenient wheel-away side cart to Sahara's culinary grill ...

Gas BBQs can be used in autumn as well as summer

Throw an Autumn BBQ

 Throw an Autumn BBQ When you think of barbecues, you automatically think of summer. But why? The gas grill in Ireland and the UK often gets lonely and forgotten about until summer when it comes to Autumn.   Keep it out and plan an autumn barbecue instead of leaving your gas bbq grill to get lonely and a home for the spiders during the cooler months. Family and friends* will love the novelty ...

Sahara X450 Gas Barbecue Features 4 Burners Plus a Side_Burner

X350, X450, 3 Burner Oak & Rapid Assembly BBQ Back in Stock

Great News! Limited stock of our most popular gas BBQs are available. The 3 Burner Oak, X350, X450, and Rapid Assembly Burner Plus gas BBQs are available to purchase today! These gas BBQs come back into stock just before Christmas and would make an ideal present. Treat your loved one to outdoor entertaining all year round! Why not check out some of our amazing BBQ accessories to compliment your new BBQ.  

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