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BBQ Preparation – How To Get Ready For Summer

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The cold weather is behind us, and the Mercury level is rising. Days are getting lighter for longer, and a summer stretch is at last around the corner. It’s time to fire up the gas BBQ and get cooking in the great outdoors! But before you dash out to the patio and light the ignition, you must ensure you’re ‘BBQ Ready’.

If you made the smart move to invest in a Sahara gas burner BBQ, the good news is you don’t have to do much. To a large degree, these barbecues look after themselves. However, it’s always good practice to administer regular BBQ care just to get the most out of your equipment. Look after it, and it will look after you!

Follow these easy steps, and you’ll be, well, cooking with gas this spring and summer!

BBQ cleaning tools to make your work easy

Before we start thinking about the perfect BBQ in summer, let’s look at some handy items that make cleaning a whole lot easier. 

First of all – grab a BBQ apron. It’s a great way to protect your clothing from greasy splashbacks that will undoubtedly occur once you get underway. 

One of the most popular BBQ cleaning tools in the UK has to be the hard-working but humble BBQ grill brush. A few minutes of scrubbing with one of these will eliminate hours of elbow grease. 

We’re particularly fond of the Sahara 2-Sided BBQ Grill Brush Cleaner because you have two levels (strong and soft) of scrubbing. We think it’s one of the best BBQ grill brush models on the market. For less abrasive cleaners, we recommend the Sahara Nylon Grill Brush or the Bamboo Grill Scraper, which do a terrific job lifting stubborn grease without causing scratches. 

Equipment aside, we recommend a bucket of warm, soapy water and some paper towel or newspaper. Right! Now you’re sorted, let’s start the BBQ preparation!

Steps to get your BBQ ready for summer

BBQ safety – check for leaks

Inspect your ignition buttons and remove any dust or grease that might have built up over winter. Apply soapy water to all valves, tubes, hoses and regulators. Turn the gas tank on and look and listen. Can you see any bubbles? Can you hear any slight splattering as air hisses out? If so, you’ve got a gas leak.

The good news is that propane gas is non-toxic, but you still don’t want gas leaks for apparent reasons (potential fire and waste of resources). You’ll need to fix or replace any of these leaks as a priority. Once you have determined the gas integrity, disconnect the supply so you can start your spring cleaning.

Cleaning the BBQ gas grill

Now, we’ll assume you purchased a Sahara BBQ cover before winter settled in. Great move, as that goes a long way in protecting your equipment. However, one of the few downfalls of living in Ireland or the UK is that mould can develop anywhere, including our BBQs. 

This is a relatively easy fix. Simply turn on the BBQ and heat it right up before turning it off. Allow it to cool down and now clean with soapy warm water. The heating process should break down the mould and make it relatively easy to remove.

Check your gas burners

Run an eye and a damp, soft cloth over your gas burners. Ensure any dust or debris is removed, but also keep an eye out for damage from creepy crawlers and other unwanted guests who may have bunkered down here during winter. Indeed, rodents have been known to chew through burner tubes to make themselves at home. Obviously, any such damage will require replacement parts.

Tighten all screws and valves

Now, just feel your wheels, bolts and screws and make sure everything is wound as snuggly as possible and nothing is making odd squeaking noises.

Make sure you have a full tank of gas!

A BBQ in summer is not going to take off with an empty gas canister! Check your propane levels and be sure to stock up if need be – you’re going to be cooking outdoors more often than not now you’re BBQ Ready!

Still shopping for a summer BBQ?

If you’re still looking for the best Irish and British summer BBQ, visit the Sahara range today. You’ll find a terrific selection of portable, two-burner, three-burner and four-burner gas BBQs that will tick every dream barbeque box!