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Fire up those grills because BBQ Grilled Potato Wedges are easy and if you are looking for a yummy side dish, you can throw on your grill along with your protein and veggies? Look no further! These Grilled Potato Wedges are SO good, they go with pretty much everything.

I think almost any kind of potato will work here, as long as they are big enough to be cut into wedges. Depending on the size, you might have to adjust cooking size, but just stick with a medium potato and you are going to be fine!

Cutting potato wedges is so much easier than cutting Chips. Cut a potato in half, then halve EACH HALF again, so you have 4 pieces. It’s really that easy.

Don’t want soggy wedges… no prob! After par-boiling the wedges they will soak up some of the moisture. This is what we don’t want. Potatoes that have too much moisture become soggy. After you’ve drained them, let them sit for at least 5/6 minutes and allow the steam to leave the wedges. This is moisture leaving the wedges which is exactly what we want. This will help prevent the wedges becoming soggy.

Another great thing about these potatoes is how easily you can switch up flavors to compliment the main course.

The sky’s the limit with these guys, so go nuts!

Enjoy, and let me know what you think via our Facebook or Instagram


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