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What BBQ to Buy – an Easy Guide

Whole chicken on BBQ

Is that the distant smell of sirloins searing, garfish grilling, brisket barbecuing, flathead frying…?

If you’ve got gas BBQs on your mind but not in your back garden, then now is the time to buy! However, the world of barbeques can be a crowded one, and you may feel like you’re experiencing information overload.

Our team of experts makes it easy with this helpful BBQ buying guide for the UK. With this handy information, you can determine what BBQ to buy and how to make sure it’s the perfect model for you. Let’s get started so you can find The One. .

Gas BBQ buying guide – questions to ask yourself

Stop wondering ‘what is the best barbecue to buy?’. Instead, consider the following queries, which will nudge you closer to your answer!

How many people will you be cooking for?

Are you asking yourself, ‘what size BBQ do I need?’. It all comes down to the number of mouths to feed.

Will you be whipping up a small storm for a family of four or a couple? A small portable BBQ will get the job done beautifully, catering for up to five people. Do you have a larger family and often entertain guests over for dinner al fresco? In that case, opt for a 2-burner gas BBQ, which will handle cooking for up to eight people.

If you regularly barbeque for a crowd, then a 3-burner gas BBQ will have you covered. It can easily manage a group of up to 15. For any bigger numbers (including, for example, catering groups for medium-sized gatherings), then go straight to a 4-burner gas BBQ! Now you’re really cooking!

What sort of gas BBQing do you want to do?

Think about what you’re going to cook. Are you a master chef in the making who loves to dabble in slow cooking? Do you like to have a lot of pots literally on the boil all at once? Or do you want to keep things simple? 

How to choose a BBQ for you has a lot to do with this question. As logic suggests, the bigger the barbecue, the more features it offers and the more multi-tasking you can manage. That said, don’t underestimate the versatility and output of our baby, the Mini Gas BBQ! It might be small, but it can help you whip up a storm! Granted, it cannot handle the sheer diversity and volume of cooking from our four-burner gas barbecues collection, which can grill, roast, sear, barbecue and boil – often all at once!

Whole chicken on BBQ

What gas BBQ features do you like?

What is the best barbecue to buy when it comes to features? Depending on the model, you can expect any of the following from Sahara BBQS:

  • Stainless steel burners
  • Temperature gauges
  • Side burners
  • Warming racks
  • Porcelain coated cooking plates or hoods
  • Viewing windows
  • Snap out side trays
  • Large wheels
  • Drop-door for easy access of gas canisters
  • Compatibility with grill insert systems, rotisseries and more
  • Side cart with chopping board

This is almost just the tip of the iceberg. Did our guide to buying a BBQ reach a whole new level of culinary fantasising after seeing these…? We hope so!

Where do you plan on barbequing?

Our buying a BBQ guide had to ask this question! If this is going to be your caravan cooker, or you love just heading off for a weekend in the great outdoors, then portable barbecues like the Grill 2 Go have your name on them.. Otherwise, if you plan to keep your new BFF safe and sound at home, any of our gas BBQs will be perfect for the job. Pending, of course, this next question…

How much outdoor space do you have?

If you want to know what BBQ to buy, space matters! Is an outdoor area a rare commodity in your home? In that case, opt for one of our small gas BBQs or even a pizza oven. These guys will take up the least amount of floor space and still allow an area for you to cook and (hopefully) dine.

To figure out what you can fit onto your decking or outside space, see our BBQ dimensions below:

  • Gas BBQ 2 burner – approximately 2200 cm² of cooking area required
  • BBQ gas 3 burner – 2600cm² to 3200cm²
  • Gas BBQ 4 burner – 3400cm²

Why buy from Sahara BBQs?

What is the best BBQ to buy in the UK, we hear you ask. It’s one from Sahara BBQs! You can purchase from us for many reasons and have complete peace of mind you’re getting top-notch.

  • We offer an amazing 10-year warranty on all barbecues
  • We only use the highest grade parts – it’s why we can be so confident in providing such a generous warranty
  • Shipping is free to anywhere in the UK and Ireland
  • Our designers are local, and they listen to what customers want
  • All our barbeques are easy to clean and maintain
  • We love and know everything about BBQs and achieving the perfect BBQ feast (come on – test us! We’ll make choosing a BBQ a dream)

Contact us

Have our expert insights helped you determine which is the best gas BBQ to buy? We hope so! However, if you need more information or advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be delighted to help you make the right decision for your barbecuing bliss!