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Sahara BBQs Blog

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Welcome to our Sahara BBQ Blog, where we share plenty of tips for barbeque purchasing, cooking, maintenance and care. If you’re in the market to buy a gas BBQ, or you want to find out how to get the most out of the one you already have, we’re here to help. From portable gas BBQs to 4-burner BBQs, prepare to become a Barbeque Guru!

We explore some of the best BBQ accessories that make cooking a pleasure (and cleaning up as easy and fast as possible!). We also look at outdoor gas and electric heaters & fire pits to discover what works for who and how to enjoy the outdoors any time of year.

Welcome to the world of BBQing –  let’s get cooking with gas!


The Best BBQ Accessories For Your Outdoor Cooking 

BBQ accessories make outdoor cooking more efficient, convenient and safer. Purpose-designed, they also enhance the results of your barbecuing. Whether you fire up your gas BBQ every other day or just occasionally, a carefully selected number of BBQ cooking utensils will help you bring your barbecuing A-game to the grill! So, what items consistently make it […]

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Why Choose a Gas BBQ over Charcoal?

If there is one debate that can really, err, ignite the barbecue world, it’s got to be the age-old question of gas vs charcoal BBQ. Far be it for us to exercise any bias, but the answer is clear-cut. It’s hands-down a gas barbecue. We don’t just have one compelling reason, but many. So, let’s […]

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Mini BBQ Lifestyle sahara wood top

T3 Names Sahara Mini Gas BBQ The Best Small Gas Barbecue For Tabletop Use 

T3, the UK’s premiere online destination for showcasing beautiful things to help live a smarter and better life, has named our Sahara Mini Gas BBQ as the best small gas barbecue for tabletop use.  The Sahara Mini Gas Barbecue was nominated as part of the consumer lifestyle site’s annual awards programme, which described it as […]

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Family day out with the Sahara BBQs

Your Weekend Camping BBQ Checklist 

Nothing beats BBQ camping, whether you have your eye on a bank holiday break in the great outdoors or just want to make the most of a weekend.  Connecting with nature, getting off the grid and spending time with family and friends, going back to basics and, of course, sensational BBQ meals – there are […]

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Sahara gas bbq cooking for party

BBQ Preparation – How To Get Ready For Summer

The cold weather is behind us, and the Mercury level is rising. Days are getting lighter for longer, and a summer stretch is at last around the corner. It’s time to fire up the gas BBQ and get cooking in the great outdoors! But before you dash out to the patio and light the ignition, […]

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Mini BBQ Lifestyle sahara wood top

BBQ Safety

BBQ safety & best advice There is no question that barbecues make the best meals ever and cooking with them outdoors is one of life’s great pleasures! However, as is the case with any equipment using gas or open flames, safety is paramount. So, how do you use a BBQ safely? Well, if you’ve recently […]

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BBQ Care 1

BBQ Cleaning, Care & Maintenance – Extend the Life & Perfect Cooking of Your Barbecue

Congratulations – you’ve bought a Sahara gas BBQ, the best on the market! To find out how to prolong perfect cooking for years to come, either visit our Sahara BBQ maintenance page for a snapshot or read on. You’ll be surprised how fast and simple it is to clean the BBQ and keep it in […]

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Whole chicken on BBQ

What BBQ to Buy – an Easy Guide

Is that the distant smell of sirloins searing, garfish grilling, brisket barbecuing, flathead frying…? If you’ve got gas BBQs on your mind but not in your back garden, then now is the time to buy! However, the world of barbeques can be a crowded one, and you may feel like you’re experiencing information overload. Our […]

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Sahara blog autumn BBQ lights

Autumn Outdoors

We have waved off summer and for many of us, we think this means saying goodbye to those long enjoyable BBQ parties and fun nights in our gardens. So many of us have invested time, money, and effort into our outdoor garden spaces and it seems a shame to stop using them just because the […]

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Canva Design

Sahara BBQ Tips

Redefine how to grill with these helpful Sahara hacks and tips and become a grill master regardless of how experienced you are. The best part of good weather and having a barbecue is without a doubt a crowd turning up. It is such an epic way to entertain, and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love […]

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tabletop lifestyle banner

Summer Barbecues are Here!!!

We BBQ lovers look forward to summertime since it’s the time when the gas BBQ goes out of storage and into action. Summer means having the best gas BBQs in everyone’s eyes. Before you start grilling, there are a few things you need to do.   Cleaning the BBQ After you have put your gas […]

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bbq tools blog mobile

The Right Tool for the Right Job

When it comes to cooking on a gas BBQ in the UK and Ireland, there is always uncertainty about what tool you should use for what type of food. Here is a simple guide that shows you how to master your craft. Cooking You will need three tools to cook on a gas BBQ: Tongs, […]

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