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BBQ Cleaning, Care & Maintenance – Extend the Life & Perfect Cooking of Your Barbecue

Congratulations - you’ve bought a Sahara BBQ, the best on the market! To find out how to prolong perfect cooking for years to come, either visit our Sahara BBQ maintenance page for a snapshot or read on. You’ll be surprised how fast and simple it is to clean the BBQ and keep it in tip-top shape with these expert simple steps and BBQ maintenance tips. Caring for your BBQ in ...

Whole chicken on BBQ

What BBQ to Buy – an Easy Guide

Is that the distant smell of sirloins searing, garfish grilling, brisket barbecuing, flathead frying…? If you’ve got gas BBQs on your mind but not in your back garden, then now is the time to buy! However, the world of barbeques can be a crowded one, and you may feel like you’re experiencing information overload. Our team of experts makes it easy with this helpful BBQ buying guide for the UK. With this ...

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