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Sahara Grilled Chicken Burgers

Here is a recipe for Grilled Chicken Burgers that are very easy to make, yet so tender and tasty, and will be loved by everyone! Our grilled chicken burgers are well seasoned with just the perfect balance of flavors. It’s so moist, the juice practically bursts in the mouth. We all love a good burger, and this Grilled Chicken Burger does not disappoint at all. Call me crazy but I do actually prefer ...

Pork With Mustard Glaze

This simple recipe for grilled pork belly delivers so much flavour and the most unbelievable texture. The extra treat is that you won’t believe how easy it is to whip up. The mustard glaze can be made in the morning and stored in the fridge which makes it all the more easier. So, what is pork belly anyway? Pork belly is an incredibly marbled cut of meat that is just gorgeous ...

Sahara blog_autumn BBQ_lights

Autumn Outdoors

We have waved off summer and for many of us, we think this means saying goodbye to those long enjoyable BBQ parties and fun nights in our gardens. So many of us have invested time, money, and effort into our outdoor garden spaces and it seems a shame to stop using them just because the colder evenings have popped their head around the corner. Now obviously I’m not saying you ...

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