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Korean Style Beef

Did you know that you can make take out on your BBQ? This Korean style beef recipe, which is grilled on your Griddle Pan is easy to make and more delicious than take out. It's a family friendly meal that everyone will love. Also, we all want to make the most of our evenings during the week so this one pot wonder ticks all the boxes. This Korean Beef meal is fantastic with fried ...

Grilled Peaches with Cinnamon and Brown Sugar

Having a BBQ tonight but not sure what to do for dessert? Try these Grilled Peaches with Cinnamon and Brown Sugar!! With just a handful of ingredients and hardly any prep time, you can have this easy dish ready in minutes. This dessert just screams SUMMER TIME. Grilled fruit may sound completely out there... but, most fruits like Watermelon, pineapple or banana work well when grilled. It’s because of the high sugar ...

Sahara recipe HOT Buffalo Wing Sauce

Wings and Sauce

Today is the 1st of July and that can only mean ONE thing for the BBQ guys!! It’s International Chicken Wing Day. On this day we celebrate this delicious and multi-flavoured dish. From spicy to sweet, sour, cheesy, salty, and pretty much any flavour in between, we are always here to celebrate! Everyone loves grilled wings on the BBQ. From kids to adults, it’s always a crowd pleaser! This day ...

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