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Christmas BBQ Ham

The Christmas BBQ Ham has been a holiday tradition in our family since… forever. Hot or cold it’s just so tasty and it keeps everyone happy and let’s face it, there is nothing (and I mean NOTHING) like those leftover glazed ham sandwiches so packed full of stuffing, mayonnaise and cranberry sauce that you sometimes contemplate using a knife, fork and may need the help of a map to find ...

The secret to a juicy, tender burger!

Here at Sahara, we know how much you all love a burger, especially one that’s Juicy all the way through and grilled on your Gas BBQ. It doesn’t get much better than making your own homemade hamburgers from scratch rather than buying pre-packaged hamburgers from the store. Especially if it’s something you can do together with the kids on the BBQ. I definitely think cooking with your kids will always encourage them ...

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