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Kick your gas BBQ grill into gear to have the best summer ever!

Summer Barbecues are Here!!!

We BBQ lovers look forward to summertime since it's the time when the gas BBQ goes out of storage and into action. Summer means having the best gas BBQs in everyone's eyes. Before you start grilling, there are a few things you need to do.   Cleaning the BBQ After you have put your gas grill in storage, it is essential to clean it. Get that scrubber and sponge, and clean any dirt ...

The Right Tool for the Right Job

When it comes to cooking on a gas BBQ in the UK and Ireland, there is always uncertainty about what tool you should use for what type of food. Here is a simple guide that shows you how to master your craft. Cooking You will need three tools to cook on a gas BBQ: Tongs, a spatula, and a barbecue fork. The Sahara 3 piece BBQ set features all the tools you ...

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