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Combination heater and cooler fans are a product well-worth investing in. Two-in-one products often claim to be more convenient and affordable but are less efficient. (We’re looking at you, washer-dryers.) But that’s not the case with indoor fan heater and coolers! 

With one product, you can heat and cool your home all year round and purify the air while you’re at it. The evolution of indoor fan design has broken new ground. Whirring bladed fans are a thing of the past because today’s cooling fans are bladeless, smart and quiet.

Electric Heaters are useful for heating your home!

Look at our five tips below to get the most efficient heater and cooler combo fan at the best price:

1. Prioritise safety features

New indoor heater and cooler fans are almost always bladeless. Bladed fans have safety features that ensure the blades can’t be reached while the fan is in motion. But you may still feel concerned that those dangerous blades could be exposed. Only a bladeless fan can give you peace of mind, especially if you have children or pets in the home. 

Most bladeless fans are shaped like a hollow ring like the Sahara Heat Cool Pure. Others come in a wand-shaped tower design, such as the Sahara Heat and Cool. These products are very safe to use and easy to clean, with no visible blades to gather dust and grime. Plus, you can rest assured knowing the Sahara Heat and Cool also has an auto shut off feature that cuts power if the fan is ever tipped over.

2. Consider air purification

The new generation of indoor heating and cooling fans have a second function which is as important as temperature control. The best indoor fan heater and coolers also purify the air. Built-in filter technology captures allergens and pollen as well as bacteria and mould spores in the air. High-tech, expensive models can include sensitive air-quality detection systems, but even a basic filtration system significantly impacts air quality. The best indoor fans can cool or heat the air in your home while cleaning it, too! 

3. Improve energy efficiency

Choosing home appliances that are energy efficient is more important than ever before. We all want to play our role in reducing our consumption while lowering our energy bills in the process. Quality indoor heating and cooling fans have a range of features that improve energy efficiency. Sensitive thermostatic controls help to maintain the consistent temperature you desire. Quick heat functions minimise the time it takes to get the room warm, and a timer function ensures you never use more energy than you need to. With an innovative remote, you stay in control. 

4. Don’t forget practical design features

When researching the best indoor fans, it’s easy to get lost in filtration specs, energy efficiency and intelligent technology — don’t forget the basics! 

  • Noiseless. There’s nothing more irritating than a noisy fan, so look for a product that touts itself as silent. Fans with blades, even the more modern models, will create noise. If a quiet fan is a must for you, go for a bladeless fan. 
  • Tilt and oscillate. Fan heater and coolers that tilt and oscillate are proven to heat and cool rooms more quickly. Standard old-fashioned fans with spinning blades tend to oscillate, but newer designs both tilt and rotate. Sahara’s Heat Cool Pure fan features 80-degree rotation for maximum air diffusion.
  • Portable. You may also need to consider portability. The best indoor fan heater and coolers can be moved around the home from room to room when needed. Some smaller models can also be used on desks, kitchen counters and other surfaces. Great for when you’re working, cooking or crafting and need to warm up or stay cool. 

5. Choose one product instead of two

Oscillating cooling fans blow cool air from one side of the room to another. Traditional electric space heaters heat the air around them. Neither of these products does a good job of keeping the entire room cool or warm. Portable gas heaters offer more efficient heating; however, even if you pay top prices for the best performing cooling fan and heater on the market, you’re buying two products when one will do. 

Heater cooler fans are a practical and affordable solution. While the most innovative and efficient models are also the most expensive, you can use these combo models all year round. The best indoor fans also function as air purifiers that can transform the air quality inside your home. 

In addition to indoor fan heaters and coolers, Sahara has the best products to keep you comfortable outdoors. Take a look at Sahara’s patio heater and BBQ range so you can make the most of your home, indoors and outdoors, all year round! Want to learn more about our state-of-the-art products? Contact us today!

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