Throw an Autumn BBQ

When you think of bbq’s your automatically think of summer.. but why? When it comes to the Autumn the gas grill in Ireland and the UK often gets lonely and forgotten about until summer.

Instead of leaving your gas bbq grill to get lonely and a home for the spiders during the cooler months, keep it out and plan an autumn barbecue. Family and friends* will love the novelty of it, and why not plan it around an exciting menu using the autumnal dishes like spiced lamb, rib of beef, butternut squash or sweet potatoes (see our recipes for Honey chicken and butternut squash)

Use your barbecue as the cosy centre of attention

Set your gas bbq up in a way that it is the centre of your seating arrangement. This will make sure that you get to be part of the conversations with your guests and still take care of the meal. It’s also a nice way for everyone to get involved since everyone will be interested in what you are cooking and will likely have something to add to the discussion.

Spice up that menu

Go ahead and bring some of that flavour into your grilling with spices. Be brave, this is the time to try new things. Grilled pumpkin, carrots, butternut squash, Beef stew (obviously in the griddle pan or else that would cause a bit of a mess!) Roast Venison and let’s not forget Lamb, but don’t stop there. Use your imagination to please the crowd.

Remember summer has ended and everyone has had their fill of burgers and hotdogs.. the time will come again when there will be a queue around the corner for those next summer.

Don’t forget the little extras in your meal either. Autumn menus are the perfect opportunity to throw in some apple and ginger pie or pumpkin pie for desserts. If you are determined to cook for everyone, plan a dessert for after the meal that can be cooked over the grill by your guests. S’mores are a popular option that everyone loves, but there are many more choices.

Go wild with your decorations

Nothing is off-limits when it comes to decorating for Autumn, everything is possible. The scents and colours are so fun and varied, and you can involve all of them into your barbecue decoration.

Think about the areas your guests will see the most of, and decorate those areas by adding in a candle or a broomstick/pumpkin and lanterns in the corner. Garnish your seating table with little pumpkins. Incorporate reds, oranges, yellows, and browns as much as possible.

Be sure you don’t forget the smell. Your gas barbecue grill will create a delicious smell outside, but anywhere your guests will be in the house should also get a spicy aromatic touch.

Location, location, location

Who says a gas barbecue has to be at your house? Now that the temperatures are winding down in the UK and Ireland, why not consider hosting your party somewhere different, portable BBQs don’t have to be in your back garden. With the right grill, your bbq location can be so much more flexible. In fact, some portable gas BBQ grills are easy to use and transport, so if you have one like our “Sahara mini bbq” you have almost endless possibilities.


*(we encourage you to continue following government COVD19 public health guidelines)

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