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Gas BBQs can be used in autumn as well as summer

Throw an Autumn BBQ

 Throw an Autumn BBQ When you think of barbecues, you automatically think of summer. But why? The gas grill in Ireland and the UK often gets lonely and forgotten about until summer when it comes to Autumn.   Keep it out and plan an autumn barbecue instead of leaving your gas bbq grill to get lonely and a home for the spiders during the cooler months. Family and friends* will love the novelty ...

Sahara X450 Gas Barbecue Features 4 Burners Plus a Side_Burner

X350, X450, 3 Burner Oak & Rapid Assembly BBQ Back in Stock

Great News! Limited stock of our most popular gas BBQs are available. The 3 Burner Oak, X350, X450, and Rapid Assembly Burner Plus gas BBQs are available to purchase today! These gas BBQs come back into stock just before Christmas and would make an ideal present. Treat your loved one to outdoor entertaining all year round! Why not check out some of our amazing BBQ accessories to compliment your new BBQ.  

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