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  • XD-Y with stand
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  • Remote Control Operated

  • IP65 Waterproof Rating

  • Instant 1 Second Heat Up Time

  • Wall, Ceiling, or Tripod Mounted

Brave All Weathers

With an IP rating of 65, your electric heater is built to withstand moisture and dust. 

  • Gold Halogen Lamp

    6000h Lifetime Gold Halogen Lamp

  • Heating Area

    Small – medium patio

  • Versatile

    Heater can be mounted on to a tripod (sold separately)

  • Waterproof

    IP65 waterproof to protect against moisture and dust

Heating Control

In the palm of your hands! 

Halogen Wall-mounted Electric Patio Heater

Before organising the patio area for the summer, consider adding an electric outdoor heater. The 2000W halogen wall mounted patio heater is the perfect appliance for your outdoor entertaining evenings. Having an outdoor electric patio heater in the UK and Ireland ensures your guests stay warm during the coldest of evenings. A simple click of the remote provides instant heat! 

Remote Control for Precise Heating Control

The halogen wall-mounted electric patio heater includes a remote control. Having this feature allows you to switch on the electric patio heater without leaving your seat’s comfort. Is the heat too strong? Use the remote control to adjust the temperature of the heater to your preference. 


Don’t have a usable wall? Mount the electric heater on a tripod.

So what do you do if your patio area is not located near a wall? The halogen wall-mounted patio heater can mount on a tripod (sold separately). The advantage of this is you can position the electric patio heater where it is needed most.

The tripod also provides the halogen electric outdoor heater with a level of portability for transportation purposes.


Raining again? Don’t worry; this electric outdoor heater is waterproof.

The halogen wall-mounted patio heater is certified with an IP65 rating. Having this certification protects the electric heater against even the toughest of weather conditions! Once you mount the electric outdoor heater to the wall, you no longer need to worry about moving it again, even when it’s lashing rain outside!

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Tech Specs

  • Dimensions

  • Heat Lamp

    Gold Halogen Lamp
  • Heat Settings

    Hi & Low
  • kW Rating

  • Weight


Optional Accessories

  • Tripod Heater Stand

    The Tripod Heater Stand is designed especially so as to mount the Carbon Fibre Electic Heater or Halogen Electric Heater. This tripod is light and versatile so you can mount your heater in an instant.

    The tripod folds down to a convenient size for storage and transportation. 

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